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Local Government 10.01.20

Averill Park CSD Tax Rate Information

AVERILL PARK – We’ve recently received inquiries about why the tax rate in Poestenkill increased 5.63% when the District’s Budget Newsletter indicated the tax increase was going to be 2.58%. Similar questions have been asked in prior years by residents from other towns within the District. To answer this question, it’s important to understand that the estimated tax increase published in the newsletter is the year-to-year percentage increase in the overall tax levy, rather than the tax rate increase in any particular town within the District. The 2020-21 tax levy is $32,481,774, a $816,805 increase over the $31,664,969 2019-20 tax levy, a 2.58% increase. 

To determine individual tax rates for the nine towns that are within the District’s boundaries, the $32,481,774 tax levy is apportioned (allocated) to each town. The apportionment process is calculated annually to determine the tax levy proportion each town is allocated. Each town’s allocation can change based on changes in assessed values, but the allocation is most impacted by changes in the Equalization Rate that is assigned to each town by New York State. 

Equalization is necessary because in New York not all municipalities assess at the same percentage of full market value, consequently town assessed values cannot be used to proportionally allocate the tax levy. To equitably allocate the individual proportional tax levy share for each town, the town’s total assessed value is divided by its equalization rate to determine the town’s full value assessment. Once each town’s full value is determined, a fair apportionment using full values can be calculated to determine each town’s tax levy proportion.

Changes in equalization rates can significantly shift each town’s tax levy allocation from year-to-year which in turn impacts individual town tax rate changes. Often times equalization rate changes create wide variations in town tax rate changes as compared to the change in total tax levy, as was experienced this year in Poestenkill. For example, the total 2020-21 tax levy increased 2.58%, but town tax rate changes ranged from a .70% decrease in Nassau, to the 5.36% increase in Poestenkill. In Sand Lake, the District’s largest town, the tax rate increased just .60%. Similarly, the District’s 2.94% tax levy increase in 2017-18, resulted in town tax rate increases that ranged from a low of 1.70% in Poestenkill, up to a high of 5.48%.

Equalization rates and final assessed values are not set until after the District presents the budget and associated tax levy to the community for approval each May. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to provide the tax rate change on an individual town basis when the budget newsletter is published. We hope this information helps you understand the tax rate setting process and why your town’s tax rate may differ from the total tax levy percentage change.

To view the District’s 2020-21 tax rate calculation and historical tax rates by town in the District, please visit: https://www.averillpark.k12.ny.us/images/District/AverillParkTaxRate2020-21.pdf

To learn more about Equalization Rates please visit: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/learn/eqrates.htm

Tracey Rex Reports to the People of Schodack

SCHODACK – I believe staying in touch with constituents is an important part of serving in elective office. This report, published every month since I took office in 2016, is an example of my commitment to keeping Schodack residents informed about town government news and community events.

The annual Fall Clean-Up Days will be held on October 15, 16 and 17 at the Transfer Station from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm where items can be disposed of for free or at a reduced price. Please note: TVs and computer monitors have a limit of two per household and furniture has a limit of three items per household.

Our final Document Shredder Day for this year will be held on Saturday, October 24 at Rensselaer City Hall from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Schodack residents are eligible to take advantage of this great opportunity to have their confidential and sensitive documents safely shredded at no cost. There is a 3-box maximum per household.

I recently participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the grand opening of the new Stewart’s Shop located at 1540 Columbia Turnpike in Schodack. The store looks terrific and offers a spacious parking lot along with expanded food and gas services.

It was such an honor to attend the Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony at the American Legion Post 1489 in North Greenbush to witness the proper disposal of flags that have become worn and unserviceable.

Last week I joined the Village of Castleton-on-Hudson Mayor and Trustees to unveil a sign on Scott Avenue designating the village as an official “Tree City USA” community. Special thanks to Mike Martin who spearheaded the effort to qualify the village for this important designation and national recognition.

It is great to see so many families enjoying themselves at the weekend events being held at Windy Hill Orchard featuring live music, food trucks and beer provided by Fort Orange Brewery. For more information, visit: www.windyhillorchardnye.com.

Tracey Rex, Member of Schodack Town Board


Town of Nassau Democratic Committee Bi-Annual Meeting

NASSAU – The Town of Nassau Democratic Committee will be holding their bi-annual reorganizational meeting on Sunday, October 4th, 2pm, at the Pavilion in the Village Green located on John Street (opposite the Little League Field). Elections will be held for two-year seats on the Executive Committee. Positions are: Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. You must be a registered Town Democrat to participate. We will be observing strict social distancing practices including wearing masks and we request that you bring your own lawn chair. Please RSVP no later than October 1st to either Pat Piniazek, Chair, at patpen1018@nullgmail.com or to Vice-Chair, Judy Ziller, 518-522-2916.

North Greenbush Climate Smart Assessment to be Presented

NORTH GREENBUSH – The North Greenbush Climate Smart Committee has been diligently preparing a Climate Smart Resiliency Assessment for the past year with the assistance of Cornell Cooperative Extension. A NYSDEC grant has funded the work. A presentation of the Committee’s work will be made on October 8, 2020 at the Town Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. The public is welcome to view the presentation using Town Hall Streams by going to the www.townofng.com. The committee will be making several recommendations on climate initiatives to the town board.

Submitted by Councilwoman Mary Frances Sabo

Chairperson of the North Greenbush Climate Smart Committee

Town of East Greenbush Fall Cleanup

EAST GREENBUSH – Fall Cleanup will begin on Monday, October 26th, 2020 and resume for the next 4 Mondays. The leaves must be in biodegradable bags and brush must be tied up into 4 foot bundles put out alongside of the roadway but not in the road.

The dates are as follows: October 26th, 2020; November 2nd, 2020; November 9th, 2020; November 16th, 2020

Please be advised that these are the “ONLY” dates the Department of Public Works will be performing Fall Cleanup.  If you miss these dates, you may bring these items to the Transfer Station located at 

246 Ridge Road, Town of East Greenbush. Residents must provide proof of residency or a Transfer Station permit and are allowed to bring these items all year long at no cost.

Please do not place bags of leaves or bundles of brush on the pavement, in front of culverts or on top of catch basins.  Place all items on edge of the road.

Sincerely, Daniel Fiacco

Commissioner of Public Works

Town of East Greenbush

Town of East Greenbush Appliance Amnesty Week

EAST GREENBUSH – The Town of East Greenbush DPW will be picking up Appliances the week of December 7th, 2020.  Please call the office at 518-477-6103 to schedule an appointment for your appliances to be picked up.  In the event of a snow storm, all appointments will be rescheduled.

The following items will be eligible for pick up: Refrigerators , Freezers, Washer/Dryers, Stoves/ovens, Hot water heaters, Dehumidifiers, Microwaves/Air conditioners

Sincerely, Daniel Fiacco

Commissioner of Public Works

Town of East Greenbush

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