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After submitting you will receive a confirmation page, you will not receive an emailed confirmation. So long as you see the confirmation page your article has been received.  

•Free Articles & photo’s will be published and edited at the sole discretion of the Editor.  
Only one photo is allowed per submission. If the photo is not deemed as good quality, it will not be published. Please send all photo’s as jpeg or tiff.  

•Flyers or poster images are not accepted for image submission. All article content must be entered into the content field. Articles submitted with a flyer image and typed content will not see the flyer published. If a flyer is submitted without adequate paragraph content will not see their article published.  

•It is not necessary to submit the same article weekly. If article content has changed, then please send entire article again as a replacement. Please request article to stop running if necessary.  

•We cannot guarantee when your article and/or photo will be published. Dated events will be given priority.  

•Deadline: Friday at 4 pm for the following Thursday’s edition. Please include your full name, street address and phone number for verification of specific articles.

•Late submissions are not accepted. Where applicable late submissions will be rolled to the following weeks addition.

•Where applicable we will try to contact people with questions as we make this transition.

Word Count Limits are as follows:

•All articles are now a 2000 character (roughly 350 word count) limit.
We recommend using a word/character count editor such as as we currently are not able to respond to everyone that submits. It is your responsibility to stay within the word counts.

•Articles promoting a person or business for profit will not be accepted for a free article.

•All Letters to the Editor must include author’s name and will appear in paper. Verification information must be included for consideration.

•Paid ads will be accepted to guarantee published events. Min. size 2 x 2, $95. Please call either Heidi at 518-965-1714 or Karen at 413-446-3444 for House Sales assistance.

  • Article title, limit of 100 characters. No ALL CAPITAL headers please. Recommended format is Title Case
    Ex. The Quick Brown Fox Jumped over the Lazy Dog
  • Not required, upload one image to accompany article. Poor quality images may not be used at the editors discretion. FLYERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Content for your article. There is a character limit of 2000 which should accomodate up to 350 words. This amount can not be exceeded, if you are copy/pasting your article make sure to check it has not been cut off. Articles incorrectly submitted may not be notified and may not be published.

    Please refrain from ALL CAPITAL headings in the text. Only acceptable ALL CAPS are acronyms such as LEGO, AARP, ect and small exclamations such as WOW!

  • Placement on the website. Select up to 3 sections relevant to your article.

    Dated articles will also be featured in the Events section the week they are set to happen.

    Hover over each section for a brief description of it's content

  • Only necessary for specific articles, such as Letters to the Editor.
  • Necessary only for personal and political pieces, such as letters to the editor to verify residency.
  • Input which issue date you would like to start to run the article. Advertiser issues and website are published on Thursdays. Ex. Start 08.29.2019
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Leave empty if only running one time.
    Enter last issue date run time for an article to be run multiple weeks.

    Advertiser issues and website are published on Thursdays
    Ex. End 08.15.2019

    If run time starts 08.08 to 08.15 we will try to get your article in for 2 issues. In order to qualify for the 08.08 publication the article submitted would need to have been sent 08.02 by 4pm.
    Late submissions for multiple weeks will be rolled to the following week for submission.

    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • There is no confirmation email

    You will see a confirmation page after submitting, this means your article has been received. Thank you