Local Government

Local Government 07.13.23

Update on Municipal Dog Shelter for Rensselaer County

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control we are going to be unable to go forward with our plan for the dog shelter. 

A small group of Poestenkill Residents carried petitions and presented them to the Town Board at the June 8th meeting to stop us from paying $10 a month for the use of the building, knowing that by doing so it would put an end to any chance of getting it open by early summer. 

I want to thank the people who donated thousands of dollars. Any monetary donations made, will be returned. I would like to thank the dozens of people that offered to volunteer their time and talents and those who donated material for the renovation. I am truly sorry and I hope the individuals who carried the petitions will work just as hard to find an answer for sheltering lost dogs.

Keith Hammond, Town of Poestenkill Supervisor

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