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Local Government 06.11.20

TEAM North Greenbush District 1 Update

Democratic voters in North Greenbush have likely received information regarding the upcoming election-scheduled for June 23rd. By now you are hopefully becoming aware of the possibilities of a new Democratic committee in our town; a committee energized by the ideas of stewardship, cooperation, and seeking positive solutions. The members of TEAM North Greenbush are a talented and ethical group of citizens that believe we can serve the community without resorting to personalized attacks and actions that only promote negativity. We believe people are tired of confrontation politics-there is really nothing to be gained by this approach.

We are part of TEAM North Greenbush representing district #1 (mostly north side of Main Avenue). We have lived in this neighborhood, raised our families, and supported community organizations over many years. It is true that in this time we have seen some changes in the make-up of our neighborhood-but it also true that the heart and soul of our neighborhood is alive and well. We have joined this TEAM North Greenbush campaign because we think we can be of service to our neighbors, and positively represent you in a thriving Democratic committee.

We have been involved in supporting the work of Democratic candidates over many years, and recall a time not too many years ago when the town’s Democratic candidates and committee generated a level of enthusiasm and creativity that was infectious. It was these leaders that promoted improved utilities, youth programs, a professional police department, and well managed business growth in our town. It was these leaders that accomplished these achievements, while keeping taxes at a manageable level and sustaining the identity of the North Greenbush community. We aspire to renew our Democratic committee in a way that honors this heritage.

In closing, thank-you for your interest in considering TEAM North Greenbush. Please remember to vote on June 23rd from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

From The Desk Of North Greenbush Town Clerk

NORTH GREENBUSH – As a first time newly elected town official, it was a great honor to participate in the Memorial Day ceremonies honoring our fallen heroes. As a life-long resident of the Town of North Greenbush, I have always enjoyed the many tributes to our fallen heroes, from the wreath laying ceremonies, to the parade and the town picnic afterwards. This year’s ceremonies hold a special place in my heart as I was an active participant in the wreath laying ceremonies, as both a Wynantskill Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary member and as your new elected Town Clerk. Moreover, I would like to thank those organizations that helped to make the wreath laying ceremonies a success: Defreestville Fire Department, Wynantskill Fire Department, Wynantskill American Legion, Troy Elks, North Greenbush Library, Wynantskill Seniors and Worthington Flowers. Although this year’s Memorial Day events had been reduced due to the CONVID19 pandemic, I would like to first hand tell you I intend to be a part of bringing back all the honorable festivities next year, which I so fondly remember. Please if you have any suggestions to help reinvigorate these historical ceremonial events for next year feel free to email me at townclerk@nullnorthgreenbush.com.

Schodack Supervisor’s Report for May 2020

SCHODACK – As we approach the 100 day mark of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we are able to finally start loosening some of the restrictions and limitations we had to implement as part of social distancing. I have been in contact with many of our local businesses to go over what their plans are and how we can work with them to ensure reopening goes as smoothly as possible. Additionally, I’ve held discussions with County Executive Steve McLaughlin and his team about how we plan to proceed and what supplies or support we may need. I’m pleased to say that through the month of June, you should see a gradual return to a more normal status within our town. We are not out of the woods and we need to remain vigilant, but I’m excited to get this economy going again and looking forward to getting back to a more normal status in how we at the Town serve our residents.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still impacting town plans. Regrettably, we have had to make the difficult decisions to cancel our “Music In the Park” program and our summer camp for this year. I had held out hope that we could find a way to safely proceed with each, but with a lack of guidance and clearance from NYS and the Governor’s office at critical times for planning, we felt we had no choice but to cancel these out of an abundance of caution. I understand the disappointment this is for many in Schodack and I am committed to making sure these events return next year for our residents’ enjoyment.

And finally, I wanna touch on two recent events that took place here in Town. On May 2nd, the Town of Schodack and Schodack Central School District teamed up to hold a food drive to benefit The Anchor Food Pantry that was an overwhelming success. And on May 12th, with the help of several Police agencies and countess residents who volunteered their time, a missing person was successfully found and given the medical attention they needed. Two examples of our dedicated and compassionate community. Thank you to all involved.

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