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Local Government 04.16.20

Defreestville Fire Department April report

DEFREESTVILLE – Typically, this update begins with a (hopefully) clever comment. Let’s be direct instead: the members of our department send a huge “thank you” and message of support to all those healthcare personnel performing all their usual duties AND THEN shouldering the extra battle against coronavirus patients, community anxieties, and more.

To all the nurses, doctors, EMTs, paramedics, and others involved in the fight to #StopTheSpread, you are truly heroes and we appreciate you.

The DFD is committed to both our usual duties and the coronavirus battle, as well. In just this past month, we responded to 49 calls, including four structure fires.

We were called to two fires outdoors last month, making this a good time to remind all residents the outdoor burn ban remains in effect until May 14th. According to the NYS DEC, open burning of debris is the largest single cause of spring wildfires in New York State. Your cooperation with the law – especially at this time – is greatly appreciated.

When responding to calls for fire service, DFD also takes many of the precautions necessary to #FlattenTheCurve. This includes new Standard Operating Procedures emphasizing enhanced safety through the effective use of both behaviors and disinfectants, for firefighters and members of the public alike. Things like handwashing, social distancing, and more are as much a part of our new system, as they are yours.

These new guidelines mean many of us have restricted our travel, altered our usual routines, and generally changed much about business-as-usual. If you’re feeling anxious and stressed the NYS Office of Mental Health created an Emotional Support Line. This service – staffed by volunteers, including mental health professionals trained in crisis counseling – provides free and confidential support, helping callers experiencing increased anxiety due to the coronavirus emergency.

You can reach this service by calling 844-863-9314. Have a happy April!

From the Desk of Supervisor Joe Bott and Deputy Supervisor Kelly Hoffman

NORTH GREENBUSH – We would like to start off by thanking the residents of North Greenbush for doing their part is staying at home, following social distancing procedures and limiting gatherings during this difficult time. You are helping to flatten the curve and see this through its entirety.

We understand the burden this pandemic may have on our families. Our school aged children are showing their resilience. It was great to see the “Teachers Parade” from our school districts recently. Our thoughts are with our high school and college students who may be missing meaningful events during this time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all town staff for working tirelessly to ensure essential town services are available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our first responders, police department, fire departments, ambulance service and highway department are providing the highest quality service during these unprecedented times. We would also like to thank County Executive Steve McLaughlin, Mary Fran Wachunas and Rich Christ for organizing efforts to make sure our residents, especially our seniors, have the information and services they need.

We have taken necessary precautions to close town hall, playgrounds and basketball courts, cancel the April town meetings and our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our Memorial Day Parade may not happen this year due to COVID-19. As you can imagine, preparations for this event are great so we will be following guidance on this closely and will keep you updated as we get closer to this date. We will proceed with our annual wreath placement ceremonies at all locations throughout the town on Memorial Day in observance of our veterans. Please stay safe and we will continue to work hard on your behalf and keep you as informed as possible. Blessing to you and your family.

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