Local Government

Local Government 02.16.23

Town of Sand Lake Updates from Town Clerk, Barbara Hansen

We are now accepting Applications for new Military Banners.  The Application is available on the Town’s website:  townofsandlake.us or at my office in Town Hall.  Cost is same as last year, $225.00 payable to Sand Lake Military Banner.  Photos need to be in jpeg.  I can help convert your photo to a jpeg on my copier.  We plan, with the Highway Department’s help, to have all Banners up by Memorial Day and will be accepting Applications until March 31st.  Please call Barbara Hansen, Town Clerk 518-674-2026 Ext. 115 with any questions.  

2nd Dyke Road:  The replacement of the 2nd Dyke Road culvert has been completed and the road has been reopened to all traffic.  The guiderail and permanent paving work will be done as soon as the weather and availability of materials allow in the Spring.  These will not require closure of the road again.  

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