Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 10.13.22

Time for a Change  

It is time for a change.  Remember just a little over a year ago? Inflation was low, gas prices were low, and we were over the worst of the pandemic.  Now the price of everything is up.  Heating this winter will be a shock.  Taxes are up.  Crime is up. Drug overdoses are up.  US Debt just hit a record 31 trillion!  Interest rates are up making housing unaffordable for many.

All of these are the result of bad policies.  Inflation is ‘too many dollars chasing too few goods’ resulting from government overspending.  It is how we are paying for all that ‘free stuff’ the politicians love to boast about to get you to vote for them.

With only one party running the state and federal systems, there is no check and balance.   The old saying ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is too true.  The Albany TU exposed campaign contributions (kickbacks) that Gov Hochel got in return for a $600 million contract for at-home COVID tests.  Of course, she claims she does not know anything about it but everyone knows how Albany works.

Last November, several ballot initiatives were voted down against because of concerns about election integrity.   One of the first things that Hochel did as governor was to implement one of them (2022Jan21 No excuse Vote by Mail) apparently because voters are stupid.  Then there was the blatant gerrymandering designed to suppress voters which the courts overturned.  New Yorkers deserve honest elections.

When courts determined that NY gun control laws were illegal, she again went ahead and implemented new restrictions to antagonize legal and responsible gun owners.  She appointed a Lt Gov who was a defund-the-police activist who was later arrested for corruption.

It’s time for a change and it starts with my vote.

Joe Kruczlnicki, Wynantskill, NY

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