Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 10.01.20

Vandals Lash Out After Vocal Hearing

The Town of Sand Lake Planning Board held another hearing regarding the proposed party barn. Over 35 people made statements in opposition to the application for a SPECIAL USE PERMIT, and even more submitted additional comments after the hearing. The hearing is available on the Town’s website and we urge everyone, concerned citizens and Town Board members alike, to view the hearing, and hear what the people had to say. There are now over 70 active members of the Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association. And we intend to stay united, active and involved in Town matters .Since the hearing, a person or persons unknown have trespassed on private property and vandalized and stolen yard signs of people defending the Ag District from the commercial party barn .  We have not had this kind of criminal activity in our area before. Concerned neighbors are on the alert, patrolling the area to deter further damages and are prepared to involve the authorities if necessary. 

Cynthia Brocks, Sand Lake

Lets Play “Football”

The leaves are turning stunning hews of orange

The air is crisp thus begins fall

It’s time for the men of steel to put on their

Helmets And pads to play football

The fans wear peculiar makeup and funky clothes

What they were thinking, only God knows

They gather in groups like the dog pound

Where human canines and fake bones can be found

The hearty players run up to the line

The first hike is made after the whistle is blown

The fans anxiously wait for the ball to be thrown

The quarterback scrambles for his life

Trying to avoid a sack which leads to strife

Many successful players give the Lord the glory

Showing how faith and prayer tell a happy story

The sport requires dedication and determination

This captures everyone’s imagination

Every play is planned with extreme precision

Yet circumstances require they make a quick decision

They play no matter what the weather

Rain cold and even snow

Players slip and slide and put on a good show

The crowd is loyal and stays till the end of the game

Because life without football wouldn’t be the same

You take out your team jersey to wear

Because you hope its lucky, if not, it shows you care

The game is so close its coming down to a field goal

You pray it goes in and doesn’t hit the pole

The kick is up and it is …….. good !

The game ended just the way you hoped it would

Some fans are glad, yet others are sad

Either way there is another game next week

Football is always an adventure that I shall seek

Donna Masters, Troy

Make America Great Again

Saying “Make America Great again” will make some people go berserk.

It’s because it sounds to them as if they may have to do some kind of work.

They flip the switch on the wall, it eliminates the dark

They don’t care if we have power in Stephentown,

They live in Averill Park.

It wasn’t done for you or me, they paved a stretch of 43

So they could ride more comfortably

When they go to Jiminy to ski.

And speed and put other’s lives in jeopardy.

“It’s all about me” is their motto,

They learned it while still on the bottle.

Or was it while they were at their mother’s breast?

When she sang to them that “You’re the best” and “far superior to the rest.”

They don’t see their selfishness is a sickness at its best,

And will hurt them in the end, but until then my friend,

Let’s make America great again.

People like me and you who care, and are prepared to share, can

Make America greater than it’s ever been.

God Bless America!

From Alps Mountain to Canajoharie

These are lands that I know and love

God Bless America, my home sweet home.

Dean Evans, The Outhouse Poet, Stephentown, September 14, 2020

I’m talking about Dublin

I’m talking about Dublin

her hills of emerald green

and her young ladies

are as petty as you have ever seen

I’m talking about Dublin

her sky is royal blue

and her young men

grow up loyal and true

I’m talking about Dublin

with her walls of cobblestone

in every house you’ll find a dog

with every dog you’ll find a bone

I’m talking about Dublin

land of my Father and Mother

the home where I lived

with my seven sisters and eight brothers

I’m talking about Dublin

with her beautiful open land

where the air is so clean

and her people so grand

I’m talking about Dublin

where I visit every year

and still when I see her

my heart sheds a tear

I’m talking about Dublin

so if I hear you talking about her too

you better show her some respect

or I’ll give you the ole Dublin one, two

I’m talking about Dublin

Walter De BELL, Troy

Empowering Upstate New York

I think it’s very important for candidates running for state and local office to give voters a glimpse of their positions on national issues and an optimistic vision to address them.

To that end I would like to suggest a winning position on a key issue that has thoughtful mainstream voters concerned.

It’s that New York City voters outnumber upstate voters and effectively control the entire state. There are two widely accepted legislative/constitutional solutions to this:

One solution is to refashion our bicameral state legislative bodies to resemble the federal model that has the benefit of the Electoral College. Our federal Congress and Senate utilize the Electoral College to protect small states from domination by the more populous states. If we in upstate New York counties had such protections, our representation in the state Senate and Assembly would be more balanced.

Another solution to this problem which has been around for quite a while would be to divide New York into two or three autonomous zones. One proponent of this solution has gone so far as to suggest renaming the Upstate zone, calling it New Amsterdam.

These solutions are politically impractical as they would require the lengthy endeavor of making it through the Constitutional Convention process before becoming law.

There is a more expedient political solution and that is for our next gubernatorial and legislative candidates to run on a platform that includes giving more control of New York’s big cities to those city’s mayors.

Candidates embracing this idea can use the rift between Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to garner electoral support from the Mayor’s loyal constituency.

Proposing this political solution at campaign events will connect with voters on an intellectual level. It will resonate with those who support the less practical legislative/Constitutional solutions and give a glimpse into the candidate’s statesmanship, vision and ability to simplify complicated problems.

David Crawmer, Wynantskill

I don’t have the answers to yet

I’m not afraid of dying

I’m just not ready yet

I still have lots of questions

I don’t have the answers to yet

At times I feel like I’m lost

and I may never be found

To proud to ask for help

when picking myself up off the ground

Some mornings I question

how my life would be

If I gave my soul to you

so it could finally fly free

Not wanting to doubt you

but I know you’d want me to ask

Yet giving up ones soul

is not a simple task

Looking deep inside myself

never knowing what I’ll see

Not finding any answers

it’s more like watching a scary movie

So how can I believe in you

because I really want to

But if I don’t believe in myself

how could I be any good to you

I’m not a very strong man

still my knee’s they won’t bend

I can’t believe you want them to

even when I come to my journey’s end

I’m not afraid of dying

I’m just not ready yet

I still have many questions

I don’t have the answers to yet

Walter De BELL, Troy

People’s Republic of Averill Park?

I’ve managed a team in China for over 10 years and visit Beijing frequently. When visiting Tiananmen Square, I have to go through security where everyone is searched – not for weapons, but for propaganda. The Chinese government wants to ensure that its citizens don’t share any contrary opinions with each other publicly. They control the newspapers, television stations and Internet. And while the efficiency with which they can enact legislation is impressive, I know that I am far better off to be in a country that values freedom of speech – perhaps the most important and vital right that we have in America.

One of the concerns I have with our current White House administration has been censorship. Our president seems unwilling to have an open dialog with people who have different views and instead turns to name calling. When the media asks him tough questions, he eliminates their ability to attend further press conferences. It seems that he is trying to control the media so that only his opinions and views are conveyed to the citizens. Just like China.

Thus, I found it deeply disturbing when someone vandalized the two pro-Biden signs I had put on my front lawn. It wasn’t the government who was censoring me, but one of my fellow AP citizens, taking on the role of an oppressive government and deciding to destroy the message with which they disagreed. They decided that free speech should no longer be tolerated here, and they removed my signs, like Chinese soldiers.

I love Averill Park. We all support our fine schools and our diverse community. We all look after each other and try to make our lives a little easier and better. I hope the person who vandalized my signs realizes that this sort of behavior should NEVER be accepted here or anywhere in a country that truly values free speech. It’s ok and valuable for us to disagree; we should openly discuss our opinions to understand each other’s point of view – not suppress or vandalize each other.

Adam Stewart, Averill Park

The Tea Leaves Told a Different Story

My life plan promised far-flung glory

But tea leaves told a different story.

Pleasure was the underpinning

Good deeds second-fiddle to winning.

High ambition defined my youth

Success I deemed would provide the truth.

I was primed to run the race

I planned to take the prize with grace.

But fate for me had a different plot

Success, alas, was not my lot.

I learned to live a simple life

Enjoy the good, accept the strife.

Happiness is a simple pleasure

A life well-lived is the utmost treasure.

Sylvia Honig, Wynantskill

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