Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 05.21.20

Memoirs of an Amnesiac: Baby Steps

According to a fortune cookie, “Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.” (Those would be butt-prints.) As an infant, I started leaving footprints at age 14 months. And so did my son, Paul, who’s just reached his 25th birthday. 300 months old already!

When Paul first started crawling on his tummy, my wife, Carol, and I could block his path by placing a pillow on the floor in front of him. It was insurmountable–for a while. Pretty soon he became a little speed-demon on all fours, and no pillow could stop him.

Paul and I used to play hide-and-seek in the bedroom. He’d scoot around to one side of the bed, and I’d kneel down on the other. One time I lifted up my corner of the bedspread to see where he was; but he had already figured out that trick, and was smiling back at me. I had just been outsmarted by a one-year-old!

He could hoist himself up to his feet by holding onto a clothes-horse or chair. But once he let go, he’d soon topple straight over like a tree. He didn’t yet know how to hold out his arms or bend his knees to break his fall. At least, it wasn’t painfully far.

One evening Carol and I were washing dishes in the kitchen while Paul played nearby. I said, “Guess who turns 14 months old tomorrow?” I reminded her that I had begun walking at that age. As though he heard and understood, Paul suddenly stood up and toddled across the floor to us for the first time. Carol turned to me with a smile: “He beat you!”

I wouldn’t have it any other way. What father doesn’t want his son to be faster, tougher, and smarter than he was? Paul fills my shoes already. It will be fun to watch how far he goes.

Ron McKee, Averill Park

Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association

As a resident of Barnes Rd for nearly 25 years, we enjoy the peace and quiet of our home on Barnes Rd.

Though we live on the opposite end of Barnes Rd of the proposed “party barn”, we fear most traffic would come from our end of the road. I can’t tell you the number of times driving on Barnes Rd we had to watch for cows, chickens and horses and other livestock. Barnes Rd isn’t meant for heavy traffic. Especially from folks who have been drinking.

Yours truly,

Kerry and Sherry Back

Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association is Growing

SAND LAKE – We attended the March 4, 2020 planning Board meeting where Mr. Bailey presented his request to build and operate a party venue on his 204 Barnes Road residence. He stated he was looking for something to do in the next stage of his life, a hobby that he could share with his daughter. He admitted it would increase traffic on Barnes Road, skimming over any other possible drawbacks.

Mr. Bailey’s property sits on a tall hilltop which overlooks his surrounding neighbors. His daughter’s wedding music was broadcast loud and clear to our house on Rt 150. At the time we said “Bailey must be having a really big party”. This loud music was accepted for what it was, a party. With that being said, we nor our neighbors find it acceptable to have to put up with such an intrusion every weekend from June into October.

We then listened to our relatives and neighbors who live on or near Barnes Road express their warranted concerns about traffic increases on a road in deplorable condition. Liquor consumption by temporary permits granted to clients with no monitoring or responsibility by Mr. Bailey. Danger increases to residents, their children, farmers with heavy equipment and their livestock. Flood light illumination, and many more concerns.

A portion of a letter of recommendation for Mr. Bailey from the owners of June farms stated , if Mr. Bailey is granted a certain allotment of parties, he would like an increase in his allotments also. To grant Mr. Bailey this special use permit would be a slippery slope to other future requests such as :”hospitality cabins”, increase in party allotments, a restaurant and God knows what else to expand his “hobby”. We chose to live in a residential/agricultural area for the safe tranquil environment it is. We pay heavy taxes to do so. Clearly the only one to benefit from Mr. Bailey’s request is himself, at the expense of his neighbors. It would be an injustice to grant such a thing! 

Sincerely and respectfully, Regina and Joseph Winnicki

Save Barnes Rd Agriculture/Residential Neighborhood

SAND LAKE – The folks on Barnes Rd are speaking out to save their agriculture residential neighborhood. Now, folks from surrounding neighborhoods are showing their support for the Barnes Rd Neighborhood Association. In addition to Barnes Rd, signs are up on Rt 150, Best Rd, Shaver Rd, Parker Rd in the Town of Sand Lake and Higgins Rd in the Town of North Greenbush. See the attached photo. I urge the Sand Lake Planning Board to take a ride around the neighborhoods and to listen and hear the people living on Barnes Rd and the surrounding neighborhoods. Save Barnes Rd, No More Traffic, No More Party Barns. Respectfully 

Jan Buck

Fraudulent Candidate for Democratic Committee in NG ED 7

The North Greenbush Democratic Committee has learned that a Designating Petition circulated in Election District 7 for the town Democratic Committee included a Cohoes resident falsely listed as a Wynantskill resident.

That candidate, Matthew Sousa, will appear on the primary ballot even though he is a resident of Cohoes and not Wynantskill as falsely stated on the petition.

On March 1st, Sousa was thanking people on Facebook for helping him move out of town. On that very day, his fraudulent petition was being circulated in District 7 with people signing in the belief he lived here. Sousa was ineligible to run using his former town address. The signatures on the petition were gathered by third parties and not either of the two candidates on the petition. The second candidate listed was Daniel Brown of Troy. The petitions were created by the Sabo family in an effort to take over the Democratic Committee.

It is regrettable that petition fraud would become part of an election. They had an opportunity to replace the fraudulent candidate and declined, preferring to attempt to get away with the fraud on voters who were led to think the candidate lived in Wynantskill.

The North Greenbush Democratic Committee urges your continued support for Committee Members John Kern and Charlie Smith, both of whom live right here in the neighborhood.

We have notified appropriate authorities and the Board of Elections, however deadlines have passed to remove the fraudulent candidate from the ballot absent court intervention.

Dan Ashley, Chairman

Why Does the Town Democratic Committee Matter?

With the challenging situation we are all facing, everyone can benefit from a positive outlook. In 2016 I became a member of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee to help elect progressive, solution-minded candidates. I proudly contributed to the election of both Democratic town board members and am thrilled to be a part of the Together Everyone Achieves More TEAM North Greenbush Democratic Committee slate that incorporates more enthusiastic, dedicated, positive residents!

ED1: Ed Martin & Johanna Flanigan

ED2: Josh Sabo & Todd D’Alleva

ED3: Jack & Maureen Rogers

ED5: Melissa Shanley & Britney Yatrakis

ED6: Brian Zweig & Justan Foster

ED7: Dan Brown

ED8: Mary Frances Sabo & Jennifer Massey

Members of the NG Committee are also members of the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee. Each member votes at those meetings, which is important when selecting candidates endorsed for elected office. Committee members collect signatures on nominating petitions and distribute campaign materials. TEAM North Greenbush welcomes your input as we expand our role and support positive government.

Our goal is to better support our community to serve as a resource, encourage involvement, and promote democracy. Informed voters are empowered voters! It is easy to stay up to date on national politics, but information about local races is more difficult to navigate. Our TEAM will help you know when elections are held, what your voting options are, where your polling place is, and who is on your ballot. We will describe the roles and responsibilities of each office to make it easier to understand how they impact our community. With more involvement and personal contact in each district, we want to recognize each other, not just when we knock on your door but when we see you around town. We will provide our personal contact information and welcome you to reach out to us if you have questions, need an absentee ballot form or are interested in getting involved.

Melissa Shanley, North Greenbush

Mary Frances Sabo responds to Sinico letter

The November 3rd town council election is pivotal for North Greenbush, as it will determine whether Republicans or Democrats have a majority on the Town Board going forward. Democratic nominee Mike Helinski faces an important primary on June 23rd for the Independence party nomination. Instead of focusing their efforts on helping Mr. Helinski, CB Smith and Ron Sinico continue to personally attack me and my family with half-truths and misrepresentations.

The individuals running for the TEAM North Greenbush Democratic Committee slate are a highly qualified group of town residents, including a school board member, two nurses, a retired police officer, an entrepreneur, a church organist, not-for-profit officials and several long-term residents who all want to work together to advance our town. Rather than engaging in toxic politics, they prefer to focus their efforts on electing qualified candidates who want to provide a POSITIVE voice for our residents.

Before casting their votes in the June 23rd Primary, I encourage Democratic voters to examine the candidates running in their districts and decide for themselves who has the best interests of our town at heart.

Councilwoman Mary Frances Sabo

North Greenbush

A Class Above

You completed your time at a place of higher education

It took many years of studying and plenty of dedication

It is a day of jubilation and a time of celebration

You are the class of 2020

Just the name alone sound like it offers you plenty

Now with your degree in hand

It’s that dream job you’re hoping to land

You’re a special breed of students

Who had to accomplish your goals via your own prudence

You have paved the way for generations to come

Your knowledge is as breathtaking as the setting sun

It is a fact when something is harder to achieve

You put your trust in what you believe

One important lesson from college

Is to never stop yearning to be learning

King Solomon asked for wisdom from above

He acquired more than any man on Earth

Yet the thing he desired most was God’s love

May the lord bless you with happiness and good health

And I pray your life is full of riches

Far greater than wealth

Donna Masters, Troy

Backyard Birdsong Listening Parties, Anyone?

This spring, more than ever, I have heard birdsong resounding through the Hidley Woodlands. I imagine Advertiser readers may be enjoying the birds too?

I have invited my neighbors, in the first edition of the Hidley Woodlands News, to come listen to the birds in my backyard, one family at a time, observing physical distancing protocols. Easily enough, I could make it fit into a required science lesson for school children. What a great way to gather, no?

Perhaps you have already invited a neighbor to your backyard sanctuary?

This year, I have been enjoying the pine scent on the breezes wafting through the Hidley Woodlands, that run on both sides of my road. What a gift added to the abundance of birds calling to one another!

Sheree (Cheryl) Cammer, Wynantskill

Hey, Grandpa

Got a call today:

“Hey, Grandpa…..

Can we go fishing tomorrow?”

Old, and not wanting to fish alone,

I welcomed such a call

I answered in the affirmative:

“So, where do you want to go,” I asked.

“Pick a spot that’s easy to get to.”

“Easy for Grandpa” is what I meant.

Fortunately, he chose a spot I would have chosen:

A small lake where we had fished often in the past…

A place special to us both.

We would fish where his older brothers and I

Had made many great memories in the past.

He had made a good choice.

So, Grandpa went to bed

To dream of fishing past,

Looking forward to fishing tomorrow.

Truly lucky is this Grandpa

As is his Grandson,

Making memories together !!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

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