Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 04.15.21

Viewpoint – Positivity /Life’s Refreshing Ingredient

What is it – Where is it – Why is it significant?

There is no question in my seven decades on this earth that a positive attitude is the most refreshing ingredient in your recipe through life. Genuine positivity will meet the challenge if your goal is to consistently attain the best possible outcome in any situation, circumstance or decision. Reviewing the past, I am willing to wager that you can attribute your past success, achievements and best possible outcomes to you or someone’s positive approach and insight.

Is this a novel idea? Of course not. Its like reminding an athlete to stick to the basics. A vocalist to rest their voice. A poet to take personal time. A businessman to step away, etc. However, like so many proverbs, time tested basic principles and values we all need a reminder from time to time. The end of a matter will always prove better than the beginning. That’s the mind set; anticipate the positive.

When we apply positivity with family, friends, business associates, our customers, teammates, students, the result will “Bloom” favorably. Positivity brings energy, enthusiasm, uplifting spirits and encouragement to individuals or groups of people at the family dinner table, workplace, board room or classroom. Positivity is certainly reliable, time tested and contagious.

We can bring our positivity and leave its fragrance wherever we go; through uplifting words, enthusiastic steps, energized conversations and smiles. Our return on investment (ROI) will yield efficiency, productivity and harmony. Would anyone question the practicality of those quality results?

Positivity is one word yet its substance has incredible impact, wherever its applied. It has proven to be a “Pearl of Great Price”. A penetrating and powerful source of wisdom, insight, building confidence and clarity of purpose. 

To find this “Pearl of Great Price” you must look within. Start by counting the positive aspects in your own life. The things “stuff” we all can take for granted; like health, family, employment, hope, friends, experience, youth, etc. Once we start listing/noting the positive, it will take you much more time than you anticipated. Our minds will recognize the positive possibilities before us. At the same time, you will jump start a positive mind set, nourish your spirit and share your inner positivity. Keep in mind if you allow 5 minutes of negative thinking, it will take 55 minutes to repair the damage.

 Let’s lead with the positive! Try it today! Everyone will like it! Certainly no one more than ourselves.

Joseph Jasiewicz, Rensselaer

Dual Position Holders- County Legislature and Town Board

Praise should be given to the Sand Lake Town Board for considering a proposal to adopt a local law that would prohibit Town Board officials from holding dual positions with the County or State. When constituents elect an official for a position, they are trusting that individual to focus and give proper attention to the job they were selected to perform. Any local official doing their job to the best of their ability, would easily recognize that either one of these positions alone, is demanding and time consuming.

Residents want to feel that their Town Board members are looking out for the best interests of the local community. It is not uncommon for the Town and County to have conflicting interest on an issue. How can an elected official holding both positions of County Legislator and Town Board member, expect to remain independent and without bias when being pulled in antithetical directions? The answer is simply, it’s not realistic.

Most people believe that trust is eroded when officials hold two positions/jobs, because It looks like they are “double dipping” and feeding from the public trough multiple times, at the taxpayers’ expense. This unsavory practice ultimately puts into question the integrity of public servants. No one political party should accumulate power by limiting the number of people interested in serving.

The residents of Sand Lake deserve accountability because quite frankly, they pay for it!

Shawntell Mills-Sanchez- Resident of West Sand Lake

Rethink Required Parking

Last Wednesday and Thursday, parking requirements for certain projects were discussed at both the North Greenbush planning meeting (4/7/2021) and town meeting (4/8/2021). I commend the planning board’s decision in the variance for the hardware store (application 21-09) from the required 69 spots to the designed 35 spots. Upon my review, I discovered that the required parking in North Greenbush zoning (Table 3, Part 2 Required Parking) was last updated more than 20 years ago (‘97 – ‘98). Parking requirements need to be reviewed. Many established in the ‘90s were based on pseudo science and limited research. Parking requirements developed in the ‘90s also do not take in account the rise of online retail and newer changes in work and lifestyles. I have had subscriptions to parking magazines. I have attended parking conventions. I have read parking-related research. Parking has changed in the last 20 years. A parking space needs roughly 350 square feet of land set aside. 69 spots for a hardware store would be 24,000 square feet of parking – that is half an acre! Outdated parking requirements increase the costs to the organizations in that they have to purchase and set aside more land than necessary. Storm water was also discussed at the town meeting. More parking spaces almost always means paved, water impervious, surfaces which also affects storm water management. More parking also increases the heat island effect which increases the temperatures of the adjacent buildings which in turn requires more cooling. Revising parking requirements based on newer and better research is needed. Revised parking requirements would benefit both the building owners and the community.

Michael Myer, North Greenbush

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