Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 04.06.23

North Greenbush – Route 4 Corridor

On Monday, March 27, the Town of East Greenbush, Town of North Greenbush, and Capital District Transportation Committee hosted a meeting about the Route 4 Corridor Study [www.nyroute4study.com]. Thank you DeFreestville Fire Station for hosting the meeting. The meeting was well attended. During the mini-visioning session, the project managers requested feedback about our “likes” and “dislikes” of Route 4.

I encourage everyone to take the survey [Research.net/r/Route4study]. What changes to do you want to see along Route 4? What do you want to retain or keep?

I think a CDTA bus route that runs the full length of Route 4 is necessary. Traffic was a concern at the meeting and this would partially assist with some traffic issues. Biking was raised by many. I too would like to see either a protected bike lane or a near parallel bike trail. For a bike trail, utilizing the right of way of the power lines long Route 4 could also be an option.

This is your chance to provide input. They want to hear from you. I urge you to fill out the survey [Research.net/r/Route4study] so the project can meet the needs and desires of North Greenbush.

Michael Myer, North Greenbush 

What’s the plan for Nature?

I went to the well attended public presentation on Route 4 March 27 at the Defreestville Firehouse. Someone in the audience advocated for less development. There was applause from many present.

Comprehensive Plans are ineffective in preserving natural areas unless zoning codes protect “undeveloped” natural areas. 

Municipal governments approve zoning codes. What will be left of the character of a locality at our present rate of building homes and businesses? 

The Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program is presenting a workshop: Planning for Nature in your Community. It’s April 27, 6 pm, Bethlehem Public Library. Stay tuned for updates on how the public is defining and protecting the natural areas they care about.

Sheree Cammer, Wynantskill

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