Sports & Recreation 10.10.19

Upcoming Events at Grafton Lakes State Parks

For all events, please call ahead to pre-register at (518) 279-1155 ext. 2.

Saturday, October 12th — Little Johnny’s Foliage Tour 1:00 PM. Take advantage of the cooler weather and join a naturalist as we hike a ~4 mile loop while appreciating the fall foliage color change. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring water. Meet at the welcome center.

Sunday, October 13th — Autumn Tree ID Walk 1:00 PM. Join a naturalist for an afternoon walk through the woods and learn to ID the trees of Grafton. Get to know our tallest residents by their leaves, bark, and fruit on a leisurely stroll. Program designed for ages 12 and up.

Monday, October 14th- Guided Hike to the Fire Tower 1:00 PM. Enjoy an Autumn hike to the historic Dickinson Hill fire tower with an environmental educator. On a clear day you can observe the Adirondack Mountains, the Green Mountains, and the Taconic Range from the top of the tower. Program meets at the welcome center before driving to the trailhead.

Saturday, October 19th—Radical Reptiles 1:00 P.M. Join us in celebrating Reptile Awareness Day at our welcome center and learn about reptiles found in Grafton!

Sunday, October 27th — Batty about Bats 1:00 PM. With Halloween just around the corner, take a chance to learn about conservation concerns and what you can do to help one of the more misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom.

Saturday, November 2nd — Amazing Water Bear Hunt 10:00 AM — 12:00 PM. Stop in to help a scientist find microscopic creatures, known affectionately as water bears, that live in your own backyard! Learn about these incredibly resilient animals and get a chance to view one through a microscope.

Sunday, November 3rd — Sunrise Fire Tower Hike 5:30 AM. Start the day off by watching the sunrise over the green mountains from one of the best views on the Rensselaer Plateau, the Dickinson Hill Fire Tower. Be sure to dress in layers and bring proper lighting.

Rensselaer County Home Bureau

Rensselaer County Home Bureau Fall Workshop will be Tuesday, Oct. 15 at the First Reformed Church in Wynantskill. Items to be taught: Chicken Diane & Chicken Flautas; Hummingbird Stained Glass Panel; Wood Burning Plaque; Continental Knitting; Baby Afghan; and a community service project.

Please check your newsletter for further information. Registration deadline is Oct. 10.

Caves and Caverns of New York State

Join us Wednesday, November 6th, at 6:00 pm at the Troy Public Library when Bill Cotrofeld will speak about the caves of New York State, how they were formed, early explorers and caving equipment and safety, along with a video presentation.

Bill and two high school friends in Albany, NY became interested in cave exploring (commonly known as “spelunking”), after finding a book in the Albany Public Library titled “Underground Empire” by Clay Perry of Pittsfield, Mass. Using the cave information in the book they then turned to the New York State Museum Geology Bulletins for the areas mentioned to try and locate the caves themselves. They found two early NYSM publications that had entire chapters written on the caves in several areas of New York State. Together with USGS topographic maps and the NYS Museum information they were able to locate virtually all of the now famous caves in New York State. Next was a trip to the Army- Navy Store to purchase helmets, carbide lamps, boots, etc. For the next four years Bill and his buddies spent just about every free weekend exploring the caves in the Helderberg Mountains and Schoharie Valley.

In 1956 Bill joined the National Speleological Society (NSS), an International organization composed of people interested in the study of caves (speleology) and exploring caves. Bill received his Life Membership in the NSS at his 50-Year milestone , and is now approaching his 65-Year Membership.

This program is free and open to the public. The Library is located at 100 2nd Street, Troy NY 12180.

Women’s hockey team looking for players, all skills welcome

The Troy-based Frozen Assets women’s hockey team is looking for players and goalies of all skills. Players on the team range in age from 21 to almost 70. Some players are just learning to play hockey while others played in college. The team has two squads, one that competes recreationally and another that competes at the D-level.

The team plays on Sunday evenings at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy and competes with teams in Clifton Park, Saratoga and Schenectady at various times through the week. The season runs from November to March.

If you are just learning to skate, the Assets can direct you to some great programs in the area. If you already know how to skate, the Assets will teach you how to play hockey. If you are an experienced hockey player, you may play for the D-team.

For more information, contact or call/text 518-966-2896.

The Importance of Youth Sports

Youth sports are necessary for kids to stay active and healthy as well as develop socially. Many youth sports programs have been in decline and this is very detrimental to upcoming generations.

Sports in general keep us healthier and give us a sense of community within our teams. For kids these teams allow them to develop socially and make friends. Many kids are so absorbed in electronics and are not establishing social skills necessary for the world. Youth sports provides a great way to connect kids and allow them to explore socially.

Sports also help kids stay active which has many health benefits for them short term as well as long term. Kids love to eat junk food and it is easier than ever to access it now. Youth sports help combat the negative effects that a poor diet can have and naturally leads to a healthier diet for those involved.

By having youth sports programs available to all kids we raise a healthier generation. They are more socially aware and prepared as well as physically healthy. The availability of these programs is important for communities to support the generations to come.

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