Dining 01.21.21

Glendora Vegetarian Club

Applause to Humane Society of the United States for its work concerning the following animal welfare issues: companion animals, wildlife, farm animals, horses and other equines, as well as animals used in research, testing and education. The past 2 decades it has addressed cruelty in factory farming, animal blood sports, the fur trade, puppy mills and wildlife abuse. HSUS does not run shelters or animal care agencies; rather it supports such organizations throughout the country with a wide range of services. The Society was founded in 1954 by Fred Myers, Helen Jones, Larry Andrews and Marcia Glaser. The Glendora Vegetarian Club applauds them with a heart full of love.


1. Why shouldn’t you tell a secret to someone in a bank?

There are too many tellers

2. The counterfeiter asked the clerk, “Can you change this 18 dollar bill?”

He answered, “Sure. Do you want two 9s or three 6s?”

3. What do a train and a symphony orchestra have in common? They both need a conductor.

4. The woman asked the cab driver, “What do I owe you?”

He said, “Nothing, ma’am. You did all the driving.”

For more about health, and compassion for animals, visit americanvegan.org with links to American Vegan magazine, blog, nutrition information and cookbooks.

Contact Glendora’s Vegetarian Club at 518 931-0266 in Albany NY, achatwithglendora@nullgmail.com

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