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Sports & Recreation 01.05.23

Looking for Baseball Umpires

CAPITAL DISTRICT – Capital District Baseball Umpires Association is looking for new members for the 2023 season. Training classes are now forming. Please call Bob Umholtz at 518-986-5987 or go to for more information.

A Day of Animal Tracks: Jan 14: Two Sessions – Register for one or both

Explore some of the pristine lands around Dyken Pond Center and follow the sign, tracks and trails of the many diverse animals that live here. Deer, turkey, grouse, bobcat, fisher, fox and coyote are just some of the species that call these woods home. Learn from experienced and certified tracker Dan Yacobellis, how to read the signs they leave behind to find out where they sleep, what they eat, how they avoid detection and what is most important to them at this time of year to make it through to spring. Even get a glimpse into their subtle ways of communicating with each other and learn how to interpret their language.

Two sessions: 9 to 12 and/or 12:30-3:30.

Come for one or both

$25 per session; $22 members

Preregistration required at or call (518) 658-2055 or for more info.

Tracking is a slow and studious pursuit and generally looses the interest of young children pretty quick. Children 10 and up with a passion for learning and some patience, are welcome. While tracking, we often spend long periods of time stationary in discussion of the sign, so dress for a full day in the woods and then add 2 layers!

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