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Pre New Years Eve Party at Senior Center

Rensselaer County’s Everett Wagar Senior Center, 2 Roxborough Rd, Grafton, will hold a Pre New Year’s Eve celebration on Friday, December 27th at 12:30 following lunch (Haddock). We will have games and activities, and toast to 2019 as well as incoming 2020. Dress up for a New Year’s celebration. Bring your noise makers, hats and beads. Call 518-279-3413 to be added to the list.

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Everett Wagar Seniro Center Calendar

Calendar for Everett Wagar Senior Center, 2 Roxborough Rd, Grafton NY

Dec 26 – 9:30 Aerobic Swimming, 12:00 Congregate lunch (Hot dogs/Beans), 1:00 Card and Games

Dec 27 – Legal Aid by Appt, 9:45 Chair Yoga, 12:00 Congregate Lunch (Haddock), 12:45 Pre New Year’s Eve celebration with fun activities

11/28/2019 – 12/26/2019

December Events At The Rensselaer Senior Center

For all event reservations or more information please call 518-463-2166. We are open 9am to 3pm we are located in Rensselaer on East and Herrick streets.

“Elvis’s The King Is Born”- Tuesday, December 10th. At the Rensselaer County Rensselaer Senior Center. East and Herrick street in Rensselaer in the McManus Center lunch is served at 12 Noon followed by our “Elvis show” featuring Donny Elvis Sponsored by Walter S Pratt And Sons. Always a crowd pleaser. Enjoy Christmas music and gospel as well as some of your favorites. Those Coming To lunch will receive a Donny Elvis memorabilia.

1944 USO Show Honoring Pearl Harbor Day – Friday December 6th. Join the Rensselaer County Rensselaer Senior Center for a memorable afternoon. Lunch is served at 12 Noon followed by an original USO show from 1944 Gary Ferris brings to life days gone by. Our veterans are invited to be our guests for this great day.

December 20th – Christmas Dinner w/ Winchester and Young (Fresh Ham, w/Gravy Italian Roasted Potatoes, Meadow Blend Vegetables, Apple Sauce, Poke Cakes)

December 30th – New Year’s Eve Party Sponsored By Clear Captions.

We Need Your Help!! Member Are Needed To Serve On The Executive Committee To Have A Successful Club We Need Members To Attend A Monthly Meeting And Head Different Committees For Special Programs. Many Of Our Members Have Headed Departments And Businesses. Please Consider Helping The Club. For More Information See Gloria In The office

Always looking for quality gently used clothes for our boutique. Donations can be made Monday thru Friday

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7 Ways to Love Your Brain

As people ponder New Year’s resolutions, the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging everyone to include brain health on the list. Research shows that healthy lifestyle interventions may reduce the risk of cognitive decline and help reduce the risk of dementia.

The following tips are aimed at promoting brain health.

1. Break a sweat. Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise that elevates your heart rate and increases blood flow to the brain and body. Several studies have found an association between physical activity and reduced risk of cognitive decline.

2. Hit the books. Formal education in any stage of life will help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. For example, take a class at a local college, community center or online.

3. Heads up! Brain injury can raise your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Wear a seatbelt, use a helmet when playing contact sports or riding a bike, and take steps to prevent falls.

4. Catch some Zzz’s. Not getting enough sleep due to conditions like insomnia or sleep apnea may result in problems with memory and thinking.

5. Take care of your mental health. Some studies link a history of depression with increased risk of cognitive decline, so seek medical treatment if you have symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns. Also, try to manage stress.

6. Buddy up. Staying socially engaged may support brain health. Pursue social activities that are meaningful to you. For example, if you love animals, consider volunteering at a local shelter. If you enjoy singing, join a local choir or help at an afterschool program.

7. Stump yourself. Challenge and activate your mind. Build a piece of furniture. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. Do something artistic. Play games, such as bridge, that make you think strategically. Challenging your mind may have short and long-term benefits for your brain.

For more information, visit

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Senior Membership Meeting

Rensselaer County’s Everett Wagar Senior Center, 2 Roxborough Rd, Grafton, will host the monthly Eastern Senior Membership meeting at 11:00 am on Friday, January 3rd. All residents 60 and older are encouraged to attend. Upcoming activities and events will be discussed at this meeting. Plan to stay and join us at noon for a nutritious meal for a suggested $3 donation. Call 518-279-3413 to sign up.


Grafton Fitness Opportunities

Rensselaer County’s Everett Wagar Senior Center, 2 Roxborough Road, Grafton, has several opportunities to keep our residents 60 and older in shape. Chair Yoga is offered 3 times a week at no charge. This is a low-impact workout for the body and mind. Aerobic Swimming is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Bennington Rec Center with transportation. Water aerobics offers a resistance and buoyancy that cannot be experienced on ground. The center has a small exercise room with a treadmill and stationary bikes. Regular exercise reduces the risk of injury, decreased symptoms of depression, and improves mobility. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles, correct body posture, relieve pain and promotes weight loss. Residents 60 and older are encouraged to get into a good exercise routine. For more information, call the center at 518-279-3413.


Senior Domino Group Seeks More Players

The Town of East Greenbush Senior Domino Group meets each Wednesday from 12-3 PM in the Town Hall Community Room.

Join in the fun by stopping by any Wednesday to check it out! You do not need to be an experienced player. They will teach you. For questions call 518-477-4194.


Poestenkill Seniors

Weekly meetings every Tuesday at 1pm at the Sullivan-Jones Post in Poestenkill. All seniors are welcome. Coffee and refreshments are served after the meeting, followed by Bingo and cards. The hall is handicapped accessible with sufficient parking. The Poestenkill Seniors have catered lunches, pizza, clam steams, fish fries and luncheons at various restaurants, informational talks on senior safety and bus trips to casinos, theaters and other points of interest.


Rensselaer County NY Connects

Rensselaer County NY Connects provides long term services and supports which includes a range of services and supports that can help people of all ages remain independent in their daily lives. Long term services and supports are both medical and non-medical services that help to maintain or improve daily functioning and health. Finding the right services and supports to meet your needs can be very confusing. NY Connects is a trusted place that gives you information about available options whether you are paying for services yourself, through insurance, or are eligible for a government program. NY Connects serves anyone who needs information on long term services and supports. NY Connects staff can also help link you to available long term services and supports. Contact Rensselaer County NY Connects at 270-2767.

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