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Local Government 09.22.22

Rensselaer County Legislature Majority Highlights from the September Meeting

The Rensselaer County Legislature continues to take steps to protect the residents of Rensselaer County, especially our children. This month the Legislature approved legislation providing school resource officers in the Brittonkill School District and the Berlin School District. A Sheriff’s Deputy has been assigned to each district and is already providing students with a safer learning environment and positive interactions with law enforcement.

The safety of all of our county residents is always a priority, and it is why the Legislature Majority continues to adopt resolutions that urge Governor Hochul and those state officials who support pro-criminal legislation to repeal those parts of bail reforms that allow dangerous criminals to be released, hours after committing heinous crimes. These laws, supported by Democrats, have tied the hands of judges, and have demoralized the efforts of police by creating a revolving door for criminals. 

Instead of focusing on the criminals that use illegal guns, Governor Hochul and Democrats in the state continue to attack legal gun owners and their constitutional rights. The Majority Legislators joined other counties in passing a resolution opposing recently enacted state laws that regulate authorized concealed carry gun permits by banning where legally possessed guns can be carried in public. All six Minority members opposed the resolution protecting your constitutional right to defend your family and yourself from the dangerous criminals that are released into our communities.

Prior to the meeting, Legislator Tom Grant was joined by Chairwoman Kelly Hoffman and Legislators Rob Bayly and Leon Fiacco as they commended Mike Condo upon his retirement from the East Greenbush Police after 37 years. 

Legislator Dan Casale was joined by Legislators Ken Herington and Bill Maloney as they welcomed the Brunswick Blitz AAU Softball team on their outstanding season where they won all 8 of their tournaments finishing with a 61-5 record.

Poestenkill Town Board Minutes

Poestenkill Town Board – Meeting Minutes – Thursday, September 7, 2022

Several residents strongly expressed their concerns over speeding vehicles on Weatherwax Road and asked the Town Board to lower the speed limit. The discussion covered the procedures which the town would have to follow in an attempt to get the speed limit changed. Supervisor Hammond stated that he would issue the proper letters to initiate the process.

The Town Board unanimously approved A Request For Proposals (RFP) to invest in a new town website. The RFP will be posted on the town’s website.

The Town Board unanimously approved a resolution to submit for a grant for a potential water district expansion project in the area along Route 66 to the Middle School.

Motion made by Councilman Hass, seconded by Councilwoman Butler and passed 3 to 1 to approve the Highway Department contract, with Councilman Wohlleber voting no, Councilman Van Slyke was absent.

Councilman Wohlleber made a motion to pass a local law, Registry and Property Maintenance Requirements for Abandoned Buildings, there was no second, and no vote. 

Councilman Wohlleber made a motion to hold a public hearing on a proposed policy updates to address noise complaints, there was no second, and no vote.

These minutes to be approved at the next Town Board Meeting on Thursday, October 6 at 7pm. Please note that Town Board Meetings are now the second Thursday of the month.

Submitted by Councilman Eric Wohlleber

Rensselaer County Legislature Minority Office – September Monthly Report 2022

Health – In order to maintain in person learning and support prevention strategies and curtail the spread of Covid-19 at all Rensselaer County schools, the Legislature unanimously approved the purchase of 116 air purifiers, additional test kits and continue the funding for part time testing coordinators. This purchase is 100% grant funded. 

Schools – As school safety continues to be a public concern to all, the Berlin and Brunswick Central School Districts, have signed a three-year inter-municipal agreement with the County’s Sheriff Department to have School Resource Officers present at their respective schools. These agreements are dependent on the approval of the school district budgets and will not impact the county fiscal budget. 

Mental Health – The Legislature also unanimously approved a one-time financial award from the NYS Office of Addiction Services (OASAS) for prevention infrastructure, which will assist in the development of staff and provided equipment for the substance abuse prevention program in Rensselaer County schools. 

Board of Elections (BOE) – At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Rensselaer County Legislature, in response to the arrest of BOE Commissioner Jason Schofield, Legislator Mark Fleming spoke on behalf of his Democratic caucus and urged their Republican colleagues to join them in demanding that Jason Schofield do the right thing and step down immediately from his position as the Republican Board of Elections Commissioner. 

The culture of corruption and on-going daily deception in Rensselaer County needs to end. At a time when democracy across our nation has become so fragile, now is the time to put politics aside and call upon our Republican colleagues of the Legislature to support us in demanding the resignation of Jason Schofield. The Republican Majority showed no interest in cooperation. 

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday, October 11, 2022 in the Rensselaer County Chambers located on the 3rd floor of the Ned Pattison Government Center

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