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Local Government 05.07.20

Candidates for North Greenbush Democratic Committee Announced

NORTH GREENBUSH – The current pandemic reminds us of the importance of good government – government that cares about serving the best interest of the people, rather than politics. This is also true when it comes to local government. For too long, North Greenbush government has been about partisan bickering, personal attacks and selfish political interests. Instead of moving our town forward, leaders have put their efforts into mudslinging that has been counterproductive, discouraging good people from getting involved.

A group of Democrats has come together to change this and provide a POSITIVE voice for our Town! This group is willing to work together to create a better Town Democratic Party -one that is more responsive to the people of the Town and their needs. Our priorities include:

• Better planning to reduce traffic and prevent sprawl

• Improving recreational opportunities and other amenities

• Modernizing town government to make it more efficient and easier for resident access

• Greater transparency and higher standards of ethics for elected officials and employees

All registered Democrats in North Greenbush will be able to help chart a new direction for our Town by voting for our team in the primary election on Tuesday June 23rd. Our candidates for the North Greenbush Democratic Committee are:

District 1: Ed Martin and Johanna Flanigan

District 2: Josh Sabo and Todd D’Alleva

District 3: Jack Rogers and Maureen Rogers

District 5: Melissa Shanley and Britney Yatrakis

District 6: Brian Zweig and Justan Foster

District 7: Dan Brown

District 8: Mary Frances Sabo and Jennifer Massey

These candidates will listen to you and truly care about your interests when it comes to selecting Democratic candidates for Town offices and issues that affect residents. So, if you are tired of the negativity and want better leadership that can move the Democratic Party and our Town forward, vote for candidates listed above to represent your district on Primary Day.

Ed Martin

Schodack Supervisor’s Report for April 2020

SCHODACK – As i write this, we are about to enter our third month of dealing with COVID-19 in general and our 7th week of social distancing/non-essential shutdown. Very few of us alive have ever dealt with a situation such as this one and there have been a lot of lessons learned along the way. I want to start this month’s report by expressing my utmost gratitude to you the residents for your understanding and cooperation during this time. There have been lots of inconveniences as we have worked to meet guidelines and executive orders coming from the State and we share any frustrations you have felt, but appreciate that largely we have all found ways to work within these rules that protect both you and our staff. Hopefully this will end soon but in the meantime, thank you for working with us.

If you haven’t already, please follow the Town of Schodack on Facebook or Twitter or my page at Supervisor David Harris on Facebook. As decisions are made regarding things like summer camp and music in the park, these pages are the quickest way to get notified of any changes.

I was able to join many of my fellow officials for two distribution events this month. The first was an Easter Dinner delivery on April 12th to Seniors organized by our County Legislators with food provided by The Hill and The Crisp Cannoli. The second was a face mask distribution event put on by Rensselaer County on April 29th. We had an overwhelming turnout and my thanks go to our Schodack Police Department and the NYS Troopers for their assistance in managing traffic.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all the hard work of my Assistant, Dawne Kelly. From the start of this, Dawne has worked tirelessly to ensure I have the tools needed to do my job, as well as explore new ways we could conduct business. I think I speak on behalf of the Town of Schodack and my fellow board members when I say you’ve been indispensable throughout this.

Please continue to practice socially distancing and have a safe and happy May!

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