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Local Government 04.15.21

Town of Sand Lake Seeks Volunteers, Get Involved!  

SAND LAKE – The Town of Sand Lake is seeking volunteers to assist in three initiatives approved by the Town Board on March 31st.  

The Board approved a Town-Wide Spring Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 24th from 9 -12 beginning at Butler Park (rain date is May 1st).  Volunteers of all ages are needed to help “Make Sand Lake Shine”.  

The Town Board also approved the creation of two standing committees, a Communication & Marketing Committee, and a Community Engagement Committee.

The Communication & Marketing Committee will create and manage a marketing plan to promote our Town’s recreational, cultural, arts, and historic resources.  Residents with skills in communication and marketing (such as photographers, copywriters, graphic designers, social media marketers) or anyone with a desire to promote Sand Lake are welcome.  

The Community Engagement Committee will create and manage a volunteerism plan to connect volunteers with organizations and work with the Communication & Marketing Committee to promote volunteerism and community involvement. 

Residents interested in volunteering for any of the three initiatives should contact David Post, Chair of the Planning Oversite Committee at SLPOC@nullsand-lake.us .  

“Notice to Set Public Hearing”


At a meeting of the Town Board held at the Town Offices at 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, NY 12198, in the Town of North Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York on April 8, 2021.

Present: Joe Bott, Supervisor

Jack Roger, Councilman

Mary Frances Sabo, Councilwoman

Jessica Merola, Councilwoman

Absent:  Kelly Hoffman, Councilwoman

In the matter of Petition of the owner(s) of more than one-half of the assessed valuation of all the taxable real property of the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, County of Rensselaer, State of New York, and according to the latest completed assessment roll of the said Town for the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush.

WHEREAS, a written request signed and acknowledged by the sole property owners within the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, has been presented to and filed with the Town Board of the Town of North Greenbush praying that said district extension be established and which is more particularly bounded as described in Exhibit “A” – Legal Description and Map No. 1 – Boundary Map attached hereto to be CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush and

WHEREAS, the improvement proposed in said Sewer district extension consists of the construction of Sewer main and appurtenances as required.

WHEREAS, the overall maximum amount proposed to be expended for the establishment of said Sewer district extension and the construction therein of said Sewer system, including the cost of land and rights in lands, is estimated to be approximately Forty-Three Thousand Dollars ($43,000), and

WHEREAS, the cost of the construction of the said proposed Sewer district shall be paid entirely by the petitioner, CASS RAND, LLC, and

WHEREAS, said petitioner further agree to reimburse the Town of North Greenbush for all expenses incurred by the Town in the proceedings to extend the boundaries of the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush.  Such expenses shall include, among other things, legal fees, engineering fees, and legal publication costs and are estimated to be One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500).  The said petitioner further agree to provide or obtain whatever easements are necessary for the construction of the proposed extension and to dedicate such easements to the Town of North Greenbush if necessary, and

WHEREAS, the maximum amount proposed to be expended for said extension by the Town of North Greenbush is ZERO DOLLARS ($0.00), and

WHEREAS, all expenses occasioned by the establishment and construction of the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush shall be paid by the petitioners.  Hookup costs are unknown at the time of the preparation of this petition; however, the petitioner understands that hookup fees may apply and will be responsible for the same, and

WHEREAS, said petitioners further agree to pay their fair share of future costs for the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, which will include debt service, Sewer usage costs and the annual operation and maintenance charges paid to the Town of North Greenbush, and which are estimated to be $62.76.

NOW, on motion of Supervisor Bott, seconded by Councilwoman Merola, all members present voting on roll call, which resulted as follows:




IT IS ORDERED, that the Town Board of the Town of North Greenbush shall hold a public hearing to be held at the Town Offices located at 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, NY 12198, in the Town of North Greenbush on May 13, 2021 at 6:45 p.m., to consider the said Petition and to hear all persons interested in the subject thereof concerning the same, and for such other action on the part of the Town Board with relation to said Petition as may be required by law, and it is

FURTHER ORDERED, that the Town Clerk give notice of such hearing by publishing, on or before April 28, 2021, in the Town’s official newspaper, The Record, a certified copy of this Order and by posting a certified copy of this Order on the signboard of the Town of North Greenbush not less than ten or more than twenty days before such hearing.

Rensselaer County Legislators Review List of Earth Day Clean-Up Projects

RENSSELAER COUNTY – You can tell that Spring is in the air because Majority Leader Ken Herrington, Vice-Chair Kelly Hoffman, and Legislators Scott Bendett and Tom Grant were busy reviewing a list of potential Earth Day projects last week. Each year, the Legislature partners with the County Executive, and neighborhood organizations, to clean up notable locations throughout Rensselaer County. While the list is not yet finalized, there is one project that is held every year, that is the annual Earth Day Clean-Up at Snyder’s Lake in North Greenbush.

Check our “Rensselaer County Legislators” Facebook page for the complete list and schedule. We hope that you join us in cleaning up our County!

Supreme Court Rules for Barnes Road Association, Rejects Planning Board

SAND LAKE – The State Supreme Court has reversed the Sand Lake Planning Board and vacated the permit it issued for a commercial party barn business on Barnes Road. In his April 2021 decision Justice Zwack found that the Town of Sand Lake Planning Board was arbitrary and capricious and ignored the law and facts in granting a party barn permit in an agricultural and residential district. The Court found that the Planning Board “abdicated its responsibilities..” in granting the permit.

The Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association, with over 70 active members, presented evidence throughout the course of the proceedings before the Town’s Planning Board. The evidence proved that a party barn is incompatible with the Barnes Road agricultural residential zone. The Association repeatedly pointed out to the Board that it was proceeding contrary to the Zoning Law and Town Comprehensive Plan. Yet the majority of the Board disregarded the evidence. According to Judge Zwack, “[s]urely it doesn’t take an expert to recognize the legitimacy of the concerns expressed by BRANA…”.

The Association is thankful and relieved that the Court intervened to overturn the Board’s outrageous decision. The Town’s zoning ordinance and Comprehensive Plan are meant for the protection of all, not just the few. We now look to the Town of Sand Lake to put an end to this effort to impose a commercial party venue in our neighborhood.

Kevin Brocks, West Sand Lake

Notification Of Cancelation Of The North Greenbush Parade

NORTH GREENBUSH – The Town Board has decided to follow the Governor’s guidance and follow the practice of social distancing; therefore Town’s Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. We would still like to honor the heroes who have served the country by continuing the tradition of laying wreaths at the various memorial sites in town.

The Wreath Laying Ceremonies will begin at 9:45 am at the Bloomingrove Cemetery on Route 4 in Defreestville. To follow at the Bloomingrove Monument at the intersection of Winter Street Ext. and Bloomingrove Drive, the Donald “Bucky” Egan Monument at the entrance to Twin Town Little League on Williams Road, at St. Judes on Brookside Avenue, at the American Legion on Main Avenue, at the Evergreen Cemetery on Main Avenue, and at Town Hall on Main Avenue.

Poestenkill Town Board Meeting Minutes

POESTENKILL – A presentation was provided for a proposed Planned Development District (PDD) north of Deer Creek Road. The proposal is for 16 town houses on 8.68 acres. The PDD will go to the Planning Board for further consideration.

Wood Processing – A public hearing was held on the proposed zoning change with respect to commercial wood operations. There were comments and questions from residents in favor and opposed to the proposed zoning change. The Town Board made no decision and will continue to consider the proposal.

Town resident, Linda Gregware noted that she was upset with the “Zoom” portion of the meeting – as it was not working properly.

Summer Camp registration is open and the Town of Sand Lake will be joining Poestenkill’s Summer Camp this year.

Local Law #1-2021 – Amending town ordinances to eliminate the one-acre requirement and to delete the word “minor” as it relates to “boundary problems” – passed unanimously.

The Town Board unanimously approved the renewal of the library lease and service agreement, veterans service agreement and senior service agreement.

The Town Board amended the agreement between the Town and the Highway Superintendent regarding repairs to Quail Meadow Drive – approved by the board, with Supervisor Hammond abstaining.

These minutes to be approved at the next Town Board Meeting on Thursday, April 15th at 7pm.

Submitted by Councilman Eric Wohlleber

Town of East Greenbush Department of Public Works Spring Cleanup

EAST GREENBUSH – Spring Cleanup will begin Monday, April 12th, 2021, and resume for the next  4 Mondays. The leaves must be in biodegradable bags and brush must be  tied up into 4 foot bundles, placed out alongside of the roadway, but not in the road. 

The dates are as follows: April 19th, 2021; April 26th, 2021; May 3rd, 2021

Please be advised that these are the “ONLY” dates the Department of Public Works will be performing Spring Cleanup. If you miss these dates, you may bring these items to the Transfer Station, located at 246 Ridge Road, Town of East Greenbush. Residents must provide proof of residency, or a Transfer Station permit, and are allowed to bring these items all year long at no cost. 

Please do not place bags of leaves or bundles of brush on the pavement, in front of culverts, or on top of catch basins. Place all items on the edge of the road.

Sincerely, Daniel Fiacco

Town of East Greenbush Commissioner of Public Works – 69 Gilligan Road. 518-477-6103.

Town of Brunswick Spring/Summer Pick-up Schedule

BRUNSWICK – Limbs must be piled neatly, 8’ long-no larger than 6” diameter. Branches must be free of roots and dirt. Avoid piling brush near utility poles and under trees, wires, or out in the street. We do not go on private property. Clean wood only. No commercial pickups. Please do not put sticks, dirt or rocks or any material other than leaves and grass in bags. We do not use leaf vacuums in the Spring.

We will also pick up other yard waste, such as grass clippings provided biodegradable paper bags are used. We do not pick up rocks, stumps, rubbish, etc. please do not put these items out with your branches.

Appliances and tires (no rims) must be tagged (Tags can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office)

Please no clear cutting of lots. Residents are also encouraged to dispose of leaves and grass at our Recycling Center.

Items need to be out by first day in front of your residence

Monthly brush and yard waste pick-up schedule will be the following dates: April 19-April 23rd; May 17- May 21st; June 21st -June 25th; July 19th –July 23rd; August 16th-August 20th; September 20th-September 24th; October 18th-October 22nd (last pick-up for season)

If you have any questions, please call 279-3461, Ext 100.

Town of East Greenbush Hydrant/Water Main Flushing Schedule April 2021

EAST GREENBUSH – Mon, April 19th– 3rd Ave Extension & All Streets off of it; Governors Sq, Cedarcrest, Plaza View, Birchwood Development /Valentine Dr, Deer Run, Mill Run, Flora Cir, Robin Ln.

Tue, April 20th– Route 4 (Troy Rd) & All Streets off of it; Thompson Hill Rd, Tech Valley Dr, Paul & Glaz St, Luther Rd, Donna Lynn, Old Troy Road Ending At Iroquois Pl, Columbia Dr, Old Red Mill Rd, Red Mill Estates, August Gate Development, Olcott Ln, Rysedorph Ln, Oriel Ln, Upper Areas of Hampton Manor / Eastern Ave To Summit Ave.

Wed, April 21st– All Streets on North Side of 9/20 Between Elliot Rd & Schodack Town Line; Albany Pl, Tamarack Ln, Greenwood Dr, Electric Ave, Horizonview Dr, Includes Huntswood Estates.

Thurs, April 22nd– All Streets on South Side Of 9/20 from Schodack Town Line; Middlesex, Van Buren, Bloomingdale, Hays Rd, Taylor Estates, Kriss Krossing, Short End of Phillips Rd, Wyatts Cir, Gilligan Rd, Ternan Ave, Sherwood Park, Woodland Park, Forest Point.

Fri, April 23rd– 9/20 & Barber Dr, Celeste Dr, Ridge Rd / Prospect Heights, Sherwood Ave / Clinton Park Lower Area Of Hampton Manor Below Summit Ave Including Lakeview Ave to Rensselaer City Line.

Flushing will begin at 8:00 am. During flushing, water pressure will be reduced. Water may become dis-colored due to iron and manganese deposits in the mains. Residents should limit their use of water for cooking and laundering during flushing in their areas.

Thank you for your cooperation.

East Greenbush Water Department, (518) 477-9367

Poestenkill Spring Clean Up 2021

POESTENKILL – April 26, 2021 – April 30, 2021. Acceptable items: Yard Waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) placed in biodegradable Paper bags. Brush and branches (cut to 8 ft. lengths maximum, stacked neatly, no more than 3 ft. tall). Stack piles with the cut or thicker ends facing the road. Maximum diameter for brush or limbs is 6 inches. If we cannot chip it, we cannot take it.

Unacceptable items: Garbage or trash; Cleaning of Vacant lots; Stumps, Sod, Rocks or Dirt; Metal items; Plastic bags or flower pots; Tires or Batteries; No Brush or Trees from private contractors.

Residents: please keep in mind we are a small highway crew that must take care of these brush piles by hand. Brown recyclable waste bags will be picked up a few times a month throughout the summer/fall. Please notify the Highway Garage of your location so the bags do not get missed.

Questions: David (DJ) Goyer, cell 518-269-1656; garage 518-283-4144.

Poestenkill Spring Clean-Up: April 26-April 30

POESTENKILL – I would like to thank David (DJ) Goyer, Poestenkill’s Acting Superintendent of the Highway Department for going above and beyond the call of duty in the months since accepting this promotion. DJ has continued his track record of being responsive and supporting to our residents and is working closely with the Town Board and town employees.

I especially would like to thank him for announcing and sharing information with residents on the annual spring clean up schedule. Not only has DJ shared this information on the town website and here in The Advertiser but he has also taken it upon himself to speak with residents and deliver flyers announcing the dates and guidelines. DJ and our highway employees will be cleaning up brush from April 26th to April 30th.

For more information on the acceptable items for pickup please go to our website and feel free to contact the Highway Department with any questions – 518-283-4144.

Eric Wohlleber, Poestenkill Town Council


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