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Local Government 04.09.20

Schodack Town Board GOP report

SCHODACK – The COVID-19 outbreak has caused widespread changes to how we all go about our day to day lives. Following directives from the Governor and out of an abundance of caution, the decision was made to close the Schodack Town Hall to the public and reduce the number of employees who would have to physically report to work. We understand the importance of having access to our departments for any number of needs, but while we are all trying our best to limit potential exposure and spread of the virus, limiting access was the most prudent thing to do. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t still working for you. If you call or email a respective department or official, everything possible will be done to ensure you get what you need.

In order to reduce the exposure to both employees and residents, the transfer station is currently only accepting household waste and recyclables at this time. We apologize for any hardships this may cause but we feel we are responsible to help try and limit all interactions as much as possible while still preserving this essential sanitation service.

The Town Park remains open as to allow use of the walking trails, but all other facilitates within the park are closed. Please practice social distancing and carry-in/carry-out of waste while enjoying the town park.

To all the doctors, nurses, and medical staff working on the front lines of this battle, we are awed and inspired by your heroic actions. To our emergency service personnel, we thank you for your continued level of excellence in the face of this crisis. And a big thank you to the everyday people, teachers, parents, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and so many others, who have had their worlds turned upside down and yet have risen to the challenge and ensure our children continue their education, the store shelves get filled, and we all have what we need to overcome this momentary obstacle. We will beat this, and we’ll do it together.

-Jim Bult, Scott Swartz, and Mike Kenney

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