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Local Government 02.09.23

Tracey Rex Reports to the People of Schodack

I believe staying in touch with constituents is an important part of serving in elective office. This report is an example of my commitment to keeping Schodack residents informed about town government news and community events. Town Board meetings can be viewed live or later at https://townhallstreams.com/towns/schodack.

At our annual organization meeting on January 12th, the Town Board approved several appointments to key leadership, board, and staff positions in town government. I congratulate all of the appointees and thank them for their dedication and commitment to the important mission of public service.

The Town of Schodack is currently seeking qualified candidates for the position of Deputy Town Clerk. For more information about this position, visit www.schodack.org/human-resources and click on “Employment Opportunities” or call (518) 477-7590.

The winter season is a beautiful time to explore the Schodack Island State Park and its nearly seven miles of beautiful river and creek shoreline, eight miles of multi-use trails, bird conservation area, and a heated comfort station from 7:00 a.m. to dusk. Open year round, Schodack Island State Park is a favorite of town residents and visitors alike. The warmer months include activities such as camping, bike trails, volleyball nets, horseshoes, playground, and numerous picnic areas. There is also a boat launch and kayak/canoe launch site.

The state park is currently looking for vendors for the upcoming Farmers Market season. If interested, please email schodackislandSP@nullparks.ny.gov. Also, if you are in a family friendly band and are interested in volunteering to play at the park on Friday nights, please call (518) 732-0187 for more information.

The Anchor Food Pantry will receive $1.00 from every purchase of the $2.50 Fight Hunger bags sold at the East Greenbush Hannaford during February. Refresh and/or expand your shopping bag stock and help our local neighbors in need.

Tracey Rex, Schodack Town Councilwoman

Councilman Wohlleber’s Report on Poestenkill

Town Board Meeting, Thursday, January 13, 2023

Several residents discussed their concerns about snow and ice left on sidewalks in the area of the hamlet (Main Street) and whether individual home owners or the town is responsible for snow removal. The Town Attorney stated that it is the Town’s responsibility, unless there was a law adopted to place responsibility elsewhere. The Town Board discussed options for snow removal in this area. This issue was left open. 

An update was provided on the Shuhart PDD. The Town Board requested additional information be provided on the proposed septic system, the flood proximity and potential archaeological concerns.

The 2023 Poestenkill Summer Camp is planning on operating for five weeks and anticipates around 250 campers. Additional information will be provided on the town website in coming weeks.

Councilman Wohlleber led a discussion on the proposals received to update the Town’s website. The Town Board agreed to interview some of the applicants. This will be discussed at the February Town Board Meeting. 

The Town Board unanimously approved the following: VFW agreement, library lease agreement, library service agreement, senior citizens service agreement. 

Supervisor Hammond updated residents on the status of Water District #2, stating that County Legislator Robin Bayly met with the County Executive and other Legislators, and the County has agreed to subsidize the cost to the town of upwards of $900,000. 

Planning continues on the creation of a Municipal Dog Kennel in Poestenkill which would serve several towns in Rensselaer County. The kennel would be located at the Waste management building. 

Submitted by Councilman Eric Wohlleber

Troy Council District 3 Meeeting Planned “Slices with Sue”

Residents of Troy City Council District 3 are invited to attend an informal gathering with City Councilwoman Sue Steele on Wednesday, February 15th. The District 3 Meeting will be held at the Park Pub, 2701 Lavin Court, Troy from 6:00-7:30pm. Council District 3 includes the Beman Park, Frear Park and Sycaway neighborhoods.

According to Steele the gathering will allow neighbors to share a slice of pizza and talk about city issues. The agenda will include Neighborhood Improvement Program awards, new Council District boundaries and other city updates.

Town of Sand Lake Updates from Town Clerk, Barbara Hansen

We are now accepting Applications for new Military Banners.  The Application is available on the Town’s website:  townofsandlake.us or at my office in Town Hall.  Cost is same as last year, $225.00 payable to Sand Lake Military Banner.  Photos need to be in jpeg.  I can help convert your photo to a jpeg on my copier.  We plan, with the Highway Department’s help, to have all Banners up by Memorial Day and will be accepting Applications until March 31st.  Please call Barbara Hansen, Town Clerk 518-674-2026 Ext. 115 with any questions.  

2nd Dyke Road:  The replacement of the 2nd Dyke Road culvert has been completed and the road has been reopened to all traffic.  The guiderail and permanent paving work will be done as soon as the weather and availability of materials allow in the Spring.  These will not require closure of the road again.  

Schodack Democratic Committee Seeking Candidates for 2023

The Schodack Democratic Committee is currently accepting resumes from qualified candidates interested in running for the following town offices in 2023:

• Town Supervisor / 2-year term

• Town Clerk / 4-year term

• Town Council (2) / 4-year term

• Receiver of Taxes / 4-year term

• Town Justice / 4-year term

For more information or if you are an interested candidate, please email schodackdemcommittee@nullgmail.com. Contact us by March 31, 2023 to make a difference in your community!

Sand Lake Democrats Seek Candidates

The Sand Lake Democratic Committee is currently accepting resumes from qualified candidates interested in running for the following Town offices in 2023: Supervisor (2-year term); Town Council, three seats up for election (two with 4-year terms; one with a 2-year term); Clerk (2-year term); and Receiver of Taxes (4-year term).

Interested candidates are invited to send a resume and letter of interest by mail or email by February 15, 2023 to Sand Lake Democratic Committee, PO Box 89, Averill Park, NY 12018 or sandlakedems@nullgmail.com.

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