Local Government

Local Government 01.19.23

Councilman Jack Rogers Reports to the Town of North Greenbush

The North Greenbush Town Board held their yearly Organizational meeting, which included appointments to several positions within town government and on committees.

A public hearing was held to consider a proposed amendment to the Quackenderry Common PPD local law for the Bloomingrove Properties Associates, LLC Application. Town residents expressed their concerns regarding traffic and infrastructure. 

The Town Board approved the hiring of four new police officers. Three of the four officers will be attending the Zone 5 Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy.

A resolution approved an agreement for telephone maintenance. 

The 2023 contract with the North Greenbush Ambulance Association was approved. 

The Board approved the procurement, credit card, and investment policies and procedures for 2023. 

The Town Board approved the local law to amend the Quackenderry Common mixed use planned development district. 

The Town Board approved the local law to amend the Town of North Greenbush zoning map to change the zoning of the the property at 634 Bloomingrove Drive from neighborhood business to general business. The vote was 4-1. An automotive repair garage is proposed for this area. Residents have expressed concerns about their wells and drinking water being contaminated. 

Check out the town website for information, announcements, and town board meeting minutes at townofng.com or contact me at jrogers@nullnorthgreenbush.org. I also post information on my Facebook page Councilman Jack Rogers. You can attend meetings in person or live stream at https://townhallstreams.com/towns/northgreenbush. Get involved and informed about what is happening in the Town of North Greenbush. 

Next Town Meetings are scheduled for:

•Zoning Board 2/8/23 at 6:30PM

•Planning Board 1/23/23 at 6:30PM

•Town Board 2/9/23 at 7:00PM

Stay Safe Officers,

Councilman Jack Rogers

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