Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 02.20.20

Another Bridge to Nowhere?

Now how about that, would you, people? According to the latest word around town, the federal government, loaded down with more taxpayer dollars than it knows what to do with, has decided to lighten its load by building a fancy new bridge on Stop 13 Road off of Rt. 150 in West Sand Lake, which has raised the existential question among us old timers in the area of how the federal government way down in Washington, D.C. would even know Stop 13 Road exists, let alone that it could use a fancy new bridge over the Wynantskill Creek? Not to run Stop 13 Road down, but seriously, compared to all the other roads the Town of Sand Lake can rightfully boast about, Stop 13 Road is not really all that much to talk about. It is a smallish road, as roads go, and it has so many twists and turns in it that people joke that to drive the two miles from Rt. 66 on one end to Rt. 150 on the other, you have to drive about 14 extra miles out of the way to get there. So why the need for the brand new bridge? Will we see the federal government in its wisdom and generosity making Stop 13 Road into a high-speed by-pass like the Bennington By-Pass between West Sand Lake and Poestenkill to spur more commerce between the two? Ah, progress, people, won’t it be great to not have to deal with driving in traffic on 351 when the new high-speed West Sand Lake-to-Poestenkill By-Pass in finally operational. And who says Donald Trump never does anything for upstate New York, when right there with a shiny new federal government bridge on Stop 13 Road, is the stark proof of just how much Donald Trump does love us, and Supervisor Perry of Sand Lake above all!

Paul Plante



Speech Therapy

Grandpa thought he’d take it upon himself

To help the little boy say his words better:

For school, the boy said, “Gool”

For Snake, he said “Nake”

Grandpa thought he knew

Just how to correct that:

He told the boy to make a snake sound:

“Say sssssssss,” he said, and the boy did.

Now, say “sssssssssnake”, and the boy did;

He said, “Ssssssssssnake!”

Grandpa said, “OK, now say snake.”

And the boy said, “Nake!”

And they both laughed….!!!

And then they tried school…….

The boy handled “Sssssssgool”, but

His school still remained “Gool”

They again had a good laugh,

But Grandpa was frustrated.

He asked Grandma what he could do better….

She said, “Just wait, don’t rush him…..”

“In due time…when he is ready…

He will speak his words correctly.”

She was right, of course, and now

They laugh at Grandpa’s bungling attempt at Speech Therapy

Lloyd Barnhart

West Sand Lake

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