Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 12.31.20

Disappointed in My Burden Lake Neighbors

I have lived on Burden Lake for the last 35 years & have always tried to do business with local merchants, vendors & services. Recently, my wife and I learned that we are one of the few year-round residents who still utilize our local trash disposal company, Fish Refuse. His prices are low. He picks up our trash & recyclables regardless of what the weather is. His rig is a medium sized truck that doesn’t add substantial wear and tear to our roads. He is always friendly & we chat with him when he he around during daylight hours. He can’t compete with the two larger trash removal companies by offering 6 months of “Free Removal,” & by dropping his services and taking that “bargain” route, all of you are saving your pennies and threatening to shut him down, by depriving him of an income. He lives in our community & needs our support to maintain his livelihood. Not to mention that those other two companies utilize huge and separate trucks for trash & recycles removal, doing heavy damage to our roads…Just wondering…What ever happened to supporting your community, especially at a time like we are currently living in?

Bob Smith, Averill Park

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