Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 12.24.20

Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Response

I stand corrected on my date regarding the boat access on Glass Lake. While the facts remain correct that the access has been allowed to fall into disrepair, it is my hope that the Town will correct this situation and work to restore it to its original state this spring.

Mary Ellen Trumbull, Resident

Glass Lake Road

Shop Local – Now More Than Ever

I remember when I was talking to a local tax assessor over the problem of property taxes hurting small local businesses some years ago. I suggested that it was bad economic policy to give tax breaks and incentives to lure big corporations to our small towns.

I mentioned to him that I thought that the best businesses to be assisting, if they’re going to assist businesses at all, would be the mom and pop type Main Street businesses that usually had a couple of employees. I suggested that those businesses were the most efficient and could provide the best service for their customers.

He said, and I quote: “We tried that. It doesn’t work”.

I said, what do you mean we’ve tried that? He said: “In India.”

He apparently didn’t realize that I was asking: Who is “we”?

That illuminated our conversation for me more than I’m sure he realized. I knew that he was part of a globalist network when he said “’We’ tried that”.

He validated my suspicion that much of corporate America’s lobbying efforts are for legislation that inhibits the growth of Main Street businesses …the businesses that are always nipping at corporations’ heels and forcing them to keep their prices competitive.

If Globalists think that India is what America would be like if we just allowed Main Street to flourish, they’re certainly not thinking like patriots.

The problem with Global Corporatism lies in the fact that its practitioners believe that their economic model is better than pure old fashioned American Capitalism.

The fact of the matter is that corporations are heavily bureaucratic and inefficient because they require so much upper management. They aren’t at all “too big to fail”. The fact is that they will fail when they get too big.

Global Corporations also tend to replace human workforce with computers and robots. They outsource customer service to incompetent phone banks of foreign nations and make it nearly impossible to hold them accountable.

What can I do, you ask? Shop Local.

David Crawmer, North Greenbush

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