Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 12.10.20

Memoirs of an Amnesiac: Reindeer Games

My wife, Carol, and I have been married 27 years. On one of our early dates we visited a toy store in the mall. Christmas goodies were on display, including a little plush doll which looked like a teddy bear with antlers. It was supposed to be a reindeer. If you clapped your hands, it would dance (vibrate) and yell: “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” Carol leaned down to try out a doll which was standing by itself on the floor. She overlooked the many others on a display case nearby. When she clapped her hands, they ALL sprang to life, yelling and shaking. Carol jumped, too, out of startlement. She cleared a foot easily.

We both laughed, but soon forgot about the dolls. Some time later I had a brain-wave: Why not go back and buy one for Carol? I had finished all my other Christmas shopping without much stress. But here it was Christmas Eve–and snowing. Crossgates Mall was packed with last-minute shoppers. The only way to find a parking space was to idle near a mall entrance and inch along behind a shopper who was walking back to his car. I wasn’t the only motorist with that strategy.

When I finally made it indoors, I raced from one toy store to the next, looking for a reindeer doll. The first few stores were sold out, but eventually I found one. Big sigh of relief! When Carol opened her gifts on Christmas morning, I believe she was just as tickled to see that doll as I had been the night before.

I can’t remember what other gifts I gave or received that year, but I’ll never forget that dancing reindeer. Carol and I still chuckle about it.

Ron McKee, Averill Park

Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Response

In her letter published last week, Mary Ellen Trumbell complains that the Glass Lake entry point has been poorly maintained since 2016.  I agree that under my predecessor, the entry point was ignored until I took office two years later in 2018.  The Town Board has worked hard to improve not only the entry access, but to maintain and improve the bridge on Glass Lake Road.  In fact, this past summer, major capital improvements were made to the bridge to ensure its safety for our residents.  Because I am a full-time Supervisor who is in the office during the day, I communicate with the Glass Lake residents on a regular basis regarding issues with the access, dam, and bridge.

There were many areas in Town that were severely neglected until I became Supervisor in 2018.    A good example is the town-owned Sand Lake Center for the Arts Building.  Prior to my tenure as Supervisor, the Town had not made necessary exterior repairs to this iconic building since 1993.  We now make annual improvements that will ensure the building is safe and will be a treasure for our residents for the foreseeable future.  Please be assured I will continue to pay attention to addressing critical issues in our town and am always available to our residents for open and honest communication. 

Nancy Perry

Sand Lake Town Supervisor

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