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Letters To The Editor 11.26.20

Democracy is the Vilest Form of Government

If truth has any value over perception in today’s world, President Trump will find it in the courts.

Democrats fear the truth because they have replaced it with a false perception of reality that they have cultivated it the court of public opinion.

They are only able to win cases in the courts of public opinion because they dominate the news media exclusively with false perceptions. Democrats have no need for truth in their democracy as long as the majority of voters have been adequately saturated with false perceptions of reality.

But we are not a democracy. Democrats have spent decades if not centuries trying to convince people that we are a democracy because that is their battlefield.

Our nation’s founders created a republic in order to tame and subdue democracy’s inferior laws of man that inevitably lead to its own demise.

In our republic, it doesn’t matter if the truth is held by only one person among a hundred. The truth is all that matters and always prevails in a republic where the rule of law is superior to the fickle laws of man.

Our Supreme Court was designed to be the ultimate arbiter of truth within our nation’s legal system but it isn’t the only safety net that our nation’s founders created for moments like these. Our nation’s founders gave us protections within the Electoral College system as well.

Our state legislatures are tasked with the duty of choosing the delegates to the Electoral College. They have the ability as well as the codified legal duty to select delegates who will protect the republic from the will of an ignorant majority. It’s a lot like jury nullification but nestled within our legislative bodies.

If this presidential election is not decided favorably for the people who voted to maintain our republic, it will lead to our destruction at the hands of democracy.

There’s good reason why James Madison referred to democracy as the vilest form of government.

David Crawmer, North Greenbush

Highway Dept

I don’t know Owen Goldfarb, but I couldn’t agree more with his letter regarding Toby Chadwick. As a lifelong resident of East Poestenkill, with a short 10 year hiatus with the Marine Corps, I find our roads are better maintained than the county roads. My wife and I are both out pretty early for work and our road, Tymeson Road, is consistently better maintained than the county we roads we travel.

We welcome new additions to our community, but they should know what they are getting as far as service when they move here. Most of us have a stubborn sense of self reliance and have no desire for the town to do what we can do ourselves. The bigger towns, Colonie, Brunswick, etc have much bigger “more expensive” highway departments that pick up leafs, brush,etc. I prefer our lower tax’s and freedom to handle my own problems. It is terrible that a man who has dedicated his working career to our town should be badgered to the point of resignation by one of our elected officials. We all need to know who we are voting for.

Tim Wilkins, Averill Park

Statement of Appreciation to Toby Chadwick

WHEREAS, Toby Chadwick will leave his position of Highway Superintendent for the Town of Poestenkill on December 30, 2020; and

WHEREAS, Toby Chadwick has been a lifelong resident of the Town of Poestenkill; and

WHEREAS, Toby Chadwick has worked for the Town of Poestenkill Highway Department for 30 years; and

WHEREAS, Toby Chadwick has been elected by the residents of the Town of Poestenkill to the position of Highway Superintendent for 20 years; and

WHEREAS, Toby Chadwick has served the Town of Poestenkill with commendable dedication;

THEREFORE, The Poestenkill Democratic Committee expresses its appreciation to Toby Chadwick for his years of hard work maintaining Poestenkill’s roads, his reliable and timely clearing of our roads after snow and wind storms, and his watchful and caring eye on our community. His dedication has improved the safety and quality of life for Poestenkill residents.

Bob Crowley

Chair, Poestenkill Democratic Committee

November 2020

If it ain’t broke……

In a small town, any town actually, rumors spread like wildfire. But when a letter from someone that I respect appeared in the 11/12/2020 Advertiser, the rumor was no longer that.

Toby Chadwick & his department have performed an excellent service with limited resources. He has run for office several times unopposed which to my way of thinking means that the town overwhelmingly approves of and appreciates his efforts.

Voters hopefully will remember when the town board stands for election that Toby served the entire town. It is one position that can be visibly measured. Good luck in replacing Toby.

Michael Hayes Jr., Poestenkill

To the Unsuspecting Averill Park Tax Payer

During the past several weeks everyone has been troubled with the uncertainty of the future, loss of jobs, loss of freedom to go out and the loss of social interaction.

On top of this situation, a mailing shows up from the Averill Park School Board wanting to spend 45 million dollars. They want to spend all this money on a project that the public knows very little about, possibly by design to keep us in the dark. How many public meetings has there been where the public could ask questions? What do we really know about this project? The school board is trying to ram this project and expenditures down our throats with no regard to those who are out of work, or who have also been sick.

Tell the school board “No” on this project until we get back on our feet. Please vote on December 8, at the APHS.


Anthony S. L. Valente

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