Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 11.11.21

New Housing Opportunities in Poestenkill

My son Chip and I, residents of Poestenkill since 1968, are proposing a new type of residential development in the town that consists of 16 townhomes in what is currently an existing gravel mine off of route 351 adjacent to the Deer Creek community.

There are several reasons for the proposal of this project. However, probably the most important is that our town population is aging. There are more seniors in our town now than ever before. Many of these people (as well as others) have approached us requesting such a project because the maintenance and ownership of their existing homes and properties have become a financial or physical burden to them.

A majority of these people have lived here most of their lives and are residents that have been or currently are involved in town activities and organizations. They have made valuable contributions to our town and community through their knowledge and resources and would like nothing more than to remain a resident of the town they have been a part of for so many years.

The location of the proposed project is hardly visible from route 351 or the residents in Deer Creek and would maintain the rural/residential character of our town. The project will actually decrease the noise and improve the visual aesthetics in comparison to the current use.

As with any proposed new residential community, it has to be designed to meet all applicable local and state regulations such as building codes, etc. These regulations are considerably more stringent now than they were when the Deer Creek community was constructed.

A public hearing with the town board for this proposed community has been scheduled for November 18, 2021 at 7 p.m. It will most likely be held at the Poestenkill Town Hall or the Poestenkill firehouse.

If you are interested in this project or know someone who may be, please contact the town board members and please attend the public hearing and show your support.

Kevin W. Kronau, Poestenkill

My Town is a DEC Toilet

That the NYSDEC never intended to protect our environment or our health, well-being and quality of life in the now-blighted area of Poestenkill surrounding the DEC-permitted Poestenkill transfer station, said blighted area a DEC “Black Air” zone where human occupation is not deemed worthy of protection, that being a classic example of environmental injustice, defined as the disproportionate exposure of the poor to pollution, and its concomitant effects on health and environment, it is only necessary to return to the 29 October 1993 decision of Hon. Robert C. Williams, JSC, in The Matter of the Application of Paul R. Plante For a Judgment Pursuant to Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules against New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Thomas C. Jorling as Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Benson Bros. Disposal, Inc. wherein was stated as follows concerning DEC’s intentional negligence in issuing that permit, to wit:

The Court next addresses the DEC’s motion to remand the permit for further proceedings.

The DEC has admitted that it issued the permit in reliance on an incomplete application and in violation of applicable statutes (Affirmation of Kathleen Liston Morrison in Support of State Respondents’ Request for Remand [“Liston Aff.”], para. 2]).

Because it acted with an intent to turn that area of Poestenkill surrounding the Poestenkill transfer station into the essence of the regional toilet it became with its slime-covered ground outside the transfer station, a slime composed of emulsified garbage of all descriptions including human excrement from adult diapers, the DEC totally ignored the law, and wrote us all off as expendables, those of us unfortunate enough to be included in the area of the “Black Air” zone, notwithstanding it was a residential zone by Poestenkill Code, and thus, in Poestenkill, we now have to live with the ugly future bequeathed us by the DEC.

Paul Plante, Poestenkill

Poestenkill Business Association Meet the Candidates: Take Two

In Steve Valente’s Letter to the Editor from the October 28 issue of the Advertiser, he openly mocks the name of the Democratic Candidate for County Executive by referring to her as Ms. Right. For the record, her name is Gwen Wright…W-R-I-G-H-T….and he clearly knows this because he was the moderator at the recent Meet the Candidate’s Night Sponsored by the Poestenkill Business Association. Why he chose this crass and petty act, I am at a loss to understand…and I won’t spend much time trying to figure out.

The Meet the Candidates Night was billed as “an opportunity for you (citizens) to question your candidates”, not as a debate for which winners and losers would be declared, yet Steve Valente, as the event moderator and President of the Business Association chose to declare a “win for republicans” in the public media. I for one, wonder if this action has violated the prohibition on non-for-profit organizations chartered in New York from endorsing political candidates, but I’ll leave that up to the NYS Charities Bureau.

More than one speaker at the Meet the Candidates Night made a point to express how proud they are of the positive values they and their families see demonstrated over and over in our community here in Poestenkill.

I guess there’s always an exception to every rule.

Bob Crowley, Chairman, Poestenkill Democratic Committee

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