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Letters To The Editor 09.03.20

CORRECTION: Poestenkill residents, your EMS system is not broken

The letter to the editor titled “Poestenkill residents, your EMS system is not broken” that appeared in our August 27, 2020 edition was signed incorrectly. It should have been signed: Liu Basle, Poestenkill – not June Butler

It’s Time To Restore Democracy To Education

Betsy DeVos, our current Secretary of Education of the United States, has been beset with unwarranted criticism from people within the education industry since the very beginning of her tenure.

She is an outsider and as such threatens the status quo of a corrupt and incestuous industry. She believes in school choice and school choice threatens the control that leftist factions have been cultivating in our country for over a century.

School Choice is necessary and inevitable. It’s ironic that Democrats are always talking about “our democracy” but are dead-set against our right to choose when it comes to education.

Democracy is a necessary component of the management of our republic but it is not an end in and of itself. It is simply the means to an end.

Our God-given rights are rights that we have to choose. We choose to vote or pray or bear arms. We are not compelled by law to do these things. We briefly lost our right to choose our health care and see the doctor of our choice during the term of Barrack Obama and the former president is now suggesting that President Trump and his Education Secretary are threats to democracy?

Democracy is having and making choices. You have no standing to claim support for democracy if you do not support choice in education.

David Crawmer

Save the current EMS system

I attended the Poestenkill town board meeting Thursday August 19th.  Supervisor Hammond was on vacation and the meeting was run by councilman Wohlleber. I asked Mr. Wohlleber how much sales tax revenue the town is losing due to covid-19. His reply was that we are about 13% down on sales tax revenue. The town budgeted $200,000 income from sales tax revenue. Taking the 13% estimate, the town will only get $133,000 not the $200,000 as budgeted.

Covid-19 has cost the Federal government, State government, County government, and local towns thousands of dollars. Our town will be in a financial bind come budget time. All Town department heads were asked to cut their budget 10% from last year’s budget amount. Anyone can see that our taxes will be going up. Some of our town people are laid off from their jobs, some are on reduced work hours,. Many people are using the food pantry (bread of life) that have never used it before. Things are really tough.

With all that is going on, there are three town board members (Mr Hammond, Mr Van Slyke, Mr. Wohlleber) pushing to start a ambulance district with a price tag of $225,000. Is now really the time to do this?

The current EMS System in the town is superior to many of our neighbouring towns. The cooperation between the Poestenkill Fire Company first responders and Mohawk Ambulance is superb. This is a model of a public service agency and a private enterprise working together. This service to our residents is not costing the town one cent.

If it is not broken, don’t fix it!!

I urge you to attend the town board meeting, September 17th and tell our town leaders you are not in favor of the proposed ambulance district.

Lou Basle, Poestenkill resident

The Heat Retreat

Now that the sweltering heat of summer is left behind

There are last chance summer treasures you shall find

I water the thirsty flowers before they wilt

Taking time to enjoy all the vibrant colors

And unique scents to the hilt

The leaves on the threes dance to the summer breeze

I appreciate their beauty now because

When winter is upon us they shall all freeze

A storm ends abruptly leaving a rainbow over my home

God’s way of showing me we are never alone

My favorite bunny brings her young to the yard to eat

A delightful sight that makes my summer complete

I run barefoot through the tall grass

My skin tingles and my toes tickle

It’s a refreshing feeling And I long to make it last

Take the time to gaze upon the earth

While it is in full bloom

The joys of summer end much too soon

I will keep a picture of this in my mind

When I need to relax and unwind

Savor the attributes of each season

And remember that their here for a specific reason

God paints a beautiful sunset in the sky each night

I pray as my spirit soars to a new height

I admire the Lords each and every creation

Knowing that every day of life

Is worthy of a celebration

Donna Masters, Troy

Memoirs of an Amnesiac: A Little Off the Top

Q: What’s the difference between a bad haircut and a good one?

A: About a week.

The house where I live has been in our family since 1955, when my parents bought it from the town barber, Larry Barnum. His little shop still stands next to the house. A few other barbers worked there afterwards, but it’s been vacant since the mid-70s.

Ironically, we lived here some years before I had a haircut in the shop. Mom did the honors when I was little. The white-side-wall look was in style then; even so, Mom was a bit over-zealous with her clippers. My brother and I prevailed on her finally to let us try the professional next door. That’s when we discovered the magical smells in a barber shop. I remember sitting in there one Summer afternoon, listening to a Yankees game on the radio. A customer ahead of me was smoking some aromatic pipe tobacco which made me wish I were old enough to smoke. And there was bay rum. I can still pick up a whiff when I walk by the building.

My Dad was never comfortable as a landlord, and our final tenant annoyed him to the breaking-point. Let’s just say there ethics issues. When Dad ordered him to clear out, the guy seemed to take it as an invitation: Within a few days, the barber chair and most other fixtures were gone! Dad was just so glad to see the back of him, he didn’t phone the police.

When I went to college, the nearest barber was a considerable walk away. And one day I discovered after my haircut that I had forgotten to bring my wallet. I hurried back to the dorm to get the barber his money; but I could never forget the initial look on his face, when he thought I was trying to stiff him. That’s when I hatched the idea of trimming my own hair. How hard could it be, after all?

I pinch my pennies so hard, Lincoln has a headache. I’ve saved beaucoup barber money over the years. And our COVID-19 pandemic never interrupted my haircut schedule. My coiffure looks just as eye-catching as ever.

Ron McKee, Averill Park

Once upon a time

It was a Sunday afternoon

when there was a knock at my door

I knew who he was

though I had never seen him before

He said he was glad he found me

I said I never knew I was lost

It was a beautiful sunny day

But I knew he could feel m frost

Can I come in he asked

You better not was my reply

I’d like to get to know you he said

After twenty-five years I asked why

I’d like to make up for those years

you know I am still your Dad

You may have fathered me I said

but you were never my Dad

Is this how you want to leave it he asked

I said this is how you left it years ago

As he turned to leave I saw a tear in his eye

but I would not let my tears show

Some say time heals all wounds

yet the scars still remain

Reminding you every day

of your heartache and pain

Now the little boy inside of me

wanted to stop him and hold him tight

But all the man inside of me could do

was watch him walk away out of sight

Walter De BELL, Troy


Stories, books, poems and pictures

Enjoyed by the fire

In an old rocking chair,

Can make you downright homesick

For places where you’ve never lived,

Nor even ever been!

They can make you miss people

That you never knew,

Never even met!

Why, I’ve been places, done things and met folks

That others might never experience,

Without ever leaving my rocker.

You see, my old chair is a magic transporter,

That can take me anywhere

And through time in either direction.

The only fuel required for the trip,

Is my imagination…stimulated

By a story, a book, a poem or a picture!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association Planning Board Meeting

To the Editor:

Barnes Rd is in an A/R district. It is zoned that way for a very good reason.There is an active farm area with an active successful equine farm. There are few such active agricultural areas left. Party barns are popping up everywhere. Don’t let that happen to this neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted

Bonnie Martin, West Sand Lake

The world’s shortest sermon

A person’s rights come from God not from government

It’s not some empty sentiment

But could be stamped into wet cement

And when the slab is dry and hard,

It could be set up in your yard

And every word will ring true to people passing by

Many slabs are needed for the Constitution

Then the Bill of Rights,

Two documents written by this nation’s acolytes

The Gettysburg Address should stand among the rest

Along with the 23rd Psalm, the Lord’s Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount.

They teach us what life’s all about.

Then there’s the words of Solomon

If you ain’t read him where have you been?

Now the yard is getting good and full,

Though some decry it as an oddity.

They stop but fail to see because they’re lost

Or cannot read, or fail to learn or can’t discern

What is right or what is wrong

Or what is worse than all – don’t know human history.

God bless America!

Dean Evans, The Outhouse Poet, August 23, 2020

Yearn To Learn

Education is something we take for granted

It’s how the seeds of wisdom are planted

Everyone has the opportunity to make the world better

You need not be rich or a trend setter

Just put your mind to the test

And let your ambition and goals do the rest

Don’t worry about which school or the cost of tuition

What’s important is that your dreams come to fruition

The world should instill complete dedication

To the significance of education

It’s said that the more you learn the more you earn

Great minds took special attention

To develop each and every invention

For without a filament we would be without light

Left to wander around aimlessly into the night

If it wasn’t for the wheel their wouldn’t be a car

And mankind wouldn’t get very far

There would be no planes in the sky

If man didn’t have the courage to fly

Nothing is as impossible as it seems

Great ideas sometimes require elaborate schemes

A wise man uses his brain, for it is better

To discern, than it is to complain

Knowledge frees us from the chains of adversity

And protects us from calamity

Remember to ask for wisdom from the Lord above

And teach everyone the attributes of kindness and love

Donna Masters, Troy

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