Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 08.27.20

Poestenkill Residents, Your EMS System is Not Broken

There was a public hearing held by the town of Poestenkill on August 6th 7 p.m. . The purpose of this public hearing was for the Town Board to hear input a resolution to establish a ambulance District in the town of Poestenkill. There were 43 people present. About 20 people spoke on the subject matter. Everybody who spoke on the subject matter was not in favor of establishing a ambulance District in the town. The town board decided to take a vote. The vote turned out to be three in favor of the resolution and two against it. Supervisor Hammond voted in favor, councilman Van Slyke voted in favor councilman Wohlleber voted in favor, councilman Haas voted against it councilwoman Buttler voted against it. The people that voted in favor of it already had their minds made up prior to his public hearing. There was no changing their minds. It is very obvious that the three people that voted for this resolution do not listen to their constituents.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. Why in the world would want to put forward a resolution to spend almost a quarter of a million dollars to establish an ambulance District that will give no better service than what we already have. The service that the town receives from Mohawk Ambulance and in coordination with the EMS people of the Poestenkill fire company is superb. This proves that private and public service can work together towards a mutually beneficial goal. The EMS system in Poestenkill is one of the best in thr County.

We are in the middle of a pandemic.  There is record high unemployment. Your property and school taxes will be going up.  How can the town board propose a resolution that will cost almost a quarter of a million dollars, for a service that we already receive at no cost.

I urge you to contact the town board and let them know how you feel about this resolution.

Here is the contact info for the board. Keith Hammond (Khammond@nullpoestenkillny.com)

Town Supervisor, June Butler (jbutler@nullpoestenkillny.com)

Tale of John, Ken and Walt

Ninth Street, Sunnyside

and Walt

Shorter, Taller

and Walt

Yankee Fan, Sox Fan

and Walt

Brown Dasher, Green Torino

and Walt

Thinker, Reader

and Walt

Beer, Wine

and Walt

Gambler, Penny Pincher

and Walt

A Lil Messy, Neat Freak

and Walt

Funny Man, Pretty Boy

and Walt

John, Ken

and Walt

Walter De BELL, Troy


Lewy Smith’s memory still is haunting me

He was found dead, propped against a tree.

His name is inscribed in Washington DC

On a long black wall,

19 years old was he.

Bill Phelps was born in Texas,

He was rangy and tall.

He had a lot of talent playing basketball.

I still can see his jump shot

He was what I couldn’t be.

We were all 17 then, the year was 1963.

He became a Corpsman, was killed going to aid a Marine.

His heroism was expected so it went unseen.

I see their smiles and hear their laughs,

I’ve ventured on life’s winding paths

I’ve stumbled on these many miles

And stood up to life’s many trials.

I’m now 74 and would be considered lucky I suppose,

But I miss such friendships, Heaven knows.

I didn’t suffer their misery,

But their lives mattered a lot to me.

And life became all too real, back in 1963.

Dean Evans, The Outhouse Poet August 15, 2020

The Heat Retreat

Now that the sweltering heat of summer is left behind

There are last chance summer treasures you shall find

I water the thirsty flowers before they wilt

Taking time to enjoy all the vibrant colors

And unique scents to the hilt

The leaves on the threes dance to the summer breeze

I appreciate their beauty now because

When winter is upon us they shall all freeze

A storm ends abruptly leaving a rainbow over my home

God’s way of showing me we are never alone

My favorite bunny brings her young to the yard to eat

A delightful sight that makes my summer complete

I run barefoot through the tall grass

My skin tingles and my toes tickle

It’s a refreshing feeling And I long to make it last

Take the time to gaze upon the earth

While it is in full bloom

The joys of summer end much too soon

I will keep a picture of this in my mind

When I need to relax and unwind

Savor the attributes of each season

And remember that their here for a specific reason

God paints a beautiful sunset in the sky each night

I pray as my spirit soars to a new height

I admire the Lords each and every creation

Knowing that every day of life

Is worthy of a celebration

Donna Masters, Troy

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