Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 08.06.20

Why We Support an Open Dialogue With Ken Bailey…

I am writing in response to the many opinions I have seen recently concerning Ken Bailey’s request to build a limited use event building on his farm property on Barnes road. My wife and I are longtime residents of the Capital District who moved to Sand Lake almost 3 years ago. We love the more rural quality of this area. One of the people who has helped us in our transition from suburban horse boarders to agricultural hobby farm owners is Ken Bailey.

A visit to Ken’s farm quickly reveals his passion for his property and his pride of ownership. Most people who spend time at Ken’s farm would recognize the beauty and high level of care his property has. That doesn’t happen by accident or luck – much hard work, time, and financial investment has been poured into this land.

Ken’s vision for an event building is not one without great expense and risk, and not one which will make him rich. It is one which will help cover the costs of maintaining something this area is rapidly losing – it’s scenic private farmland.

Ken’s plan may not be a perfect solution but it’s a good starting point. To Ken’s neighbors, I would say talk to him, see his vision, negotiate the details, see the positives. Other uses of this 66 acres could easily bring all the noise and traffic you fear, with no recourse, 365 days a year.

We love to keep things ‘the way they were’ without caring who the burden falls on. We need to rethink what it takes to sustain the farming heritage and the open lands of this town.

We have lived in many locations in our years and We would be happy to have Ken Bailey and his farm as our neighbor, limited use event barn included.

Ps…In case you think we can’t relate because we don’t live on Barnes Rd – the taxes are high, the services are low, the mining can be loud, the truck traffic can be heavy here on Thais Rd…..But we are blessed to be here.

Matt and Mary Musso, Town of Sand Lake

Preserving AG Area

We are very concerned about more event barn development in our area. We live at 316 Parker and are already subject to an unacceptable amount of traffic and party event related driving due to June Farms. Our experience is that a lot of these drivers go much too fast on our back road and are not paying attention. It really is unsafe. We like to run and bike and use Barnes Road often. It would be a shame to see that road become unsafe and dangerous too. We like everyone who chooses this type of area to live, enjoy the beauty of an agricultural district. We did not anticipate this disappearing for commercial use.

We strongly oppose the permit and employ you to consider the affect on surrounding roads and areas as well.

Thank you

Kaela and Eric Conway, West Sand Lake


The old man and his grandson

Spent a hot summer afternoon

Playing in a cool mountain brook.

They hiked into the brook…

A good quarter mile from the road

Through the Wildlife Management Area.

Topography and vegetation

Kept any sounds of civilization from their ears;

They were alone.

The soft babbling of the low water brook,

Along with an occasional bird call

Were the only sounds they heard.

The water was low….

Creek creatures were easy to find,

And, the fish were biting.

The boy caught and released

Brook trout, chubs and even a small pumpkinseed

That had traveled upstream from the Park lake.

They were temporarily immune from the ills of society:

No noise…no bad news…

Solitude !!!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

The Lady in Red, White and Blue

She’s so beautiful

dancing off in the wind

Just the sight of her

warms me within

America the beautiful

oh say can’t you see

Her stars, her stripes

they are a symbol of liberty

Old Glory’s spangled banner

red, white and blue

Always proudly flying high

so brave and so true

More than a flag that waves

she protects the land of the free

I hold her in great reverence

always standing to salute thee

Whenever I travel

wherever I roam

Her spirit always comforts me

until I am safely back home

She’s so beautiful

dancing off in the wind

Just the sight of her

warms me within

Walt De BELL, Troy, NY

Lets Play Ball

The three words fans were waiting for

That left the country with jubilation galore

Where would summer be without those sultry

Days and a cool starry night

The sound of the crack of a bat

And baseballs taking flight

Each athlete plays with all his might and heart

Hoping to earn a position and be among those who start

Children try to master the sport

Hoping to earn fortune and fame

Their burning desire to win one cannot tame

Competition is good for the soul

It brings mankind together with one common goal

Professional Sports are an example of

What perseverance and discipline can do

It’s tried by many, but accomplished by few

Now is the start of an exciting season

The results should be rather pleasin’

Baseball is much more than just a game

It’s an American tradition and

Without it, Life wouldn’t be the same

Family and friends gather to watch the event

It’s a special time that is well spent

I’ve got the best seat in the house

Sitting right here on my cozy couch

As a prolific pitcher steps upon the mound

The way he throws a baseball is quite profound

Anxiously anticipating the home run

Game time is filled with expectation and fun

Some players thank the Lord after they have scored

Lest we not forget the infamous Bambino curse

That mysteriously led to that team getting worse

Everyone roots for their favorite team

And winning brings forth smiles that gleam

You pray for your team to win and that’s the plan

Regardless of what happens you’re always a fan

Donna Masters, Troy

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