Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.30.20

What It’s All About

When you’re young you’re more alert,

You feel more than you know.

We disregard our instincts, thus lose them as we grow.

When you die your functions cease.

Soul and body their bonds release.

It floats away through time and space

Each soul a separate case,

To be used again when the needs are there

In a different time and a different place.

What purpose does this process serve?

To bring about a change.

Each time on earth a soul matures, perfection is the range.

Did Lincoln die in Vietnam?

As a black Marine?

Dean Evans, The Outhouse Poet, Stephentown


We are swamped daily with bad news:

Stern warnings & dire predictions prevail.

Career politicians acting like spoiled children,

More interested in serving their party than serving the people.

Legitimate protests are hijacked and

Turn into Destructive Riots.

Such wears a body down….

We need ways to escape from this.

Simplest suggestion is

To escape in a book;

That will take your mind off

All the current bad news.

Or. simply enjoy your morning coffee

On your porch, early when no one else is about.

Think good thoughts,

While not being bombarded with bad news.

Take a walk in the woods….

Not on a marked trail…off by yourself.

Enjoy nature’s sounds, as you

Are deafened by silence !

Spend time with a kid;

Take him/her fishing.

A day in the wild with a kid

Will clear your mind…refresh your soul!

Escape is at hand….

Just ditch your newspaper and turn off your TV…

Just…Go for it !!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

A Child Today, An Adult Someday

Imagine looking at the world as seen

Through the eyes of a child

I thought that would be exiting and wild

A dandelion is a precious flower to give to a friend

Not just a weed that you hope dies in the end

The sunrise brings an opportunity to go out and play

It’s not just a reminder to begin your work day

They look at a star and make a wish

Adults think of what’s on their “to do” list

Children love without expecting anything in return

A valuable lesson that we should all discern

As a youth you’re graded on how much you learn

As an adult we value ourselves on how much we earn

The disciples once asked the Lord

Who is the greatest among us

Turns out it was the children who earned his trust

When you’re a toddler all you had to count

Was your fingers and toes

A wise man counts his blessings

And values what he knows

If you peer at the world with the heart of a child

And maintain the mind and wisdom of an adult

It will produce an astonishing result

Suddenly the world will be a beautiful place

And you’ll enjoy being part of the human race

The goal is to merge your child

And adult attributes together

So that every moment in life you shall treasure

Donna Masters, Troy

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