Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.28.22

Important Election – August 23rd

August 23rd is a special election to fill the Congressional seat for the 19th Congressional District left vacant when U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado was chosen to the statewide office of Lieutenant Governor.

Pat Ryan has my vote.

Rep. Delgado has been an outstanding Representative who led with integrity, listened with respect, worked for bipartisan progress, and made himself available to all his constituents. His strong endorsement of Pat Ryan to fill his seat is important. I have followed Pat Ryan’s work and am impressed by his leadership. From West Point, to serving in Iraq, to Ulster County Executive, Pat Ryan has successfully served his community.

Please take time now to understand your choices in this election before August 23rd. Your vote is important. Our democracy depends on it.

Priscilla Fairbank, East Poestenkill

Will DEC protect the public this time from the Dunn Landfill? In 2012 they did not!

When the application for a permit for the Dunn Construction and Demolition Landfill in Rensselaer was approved by DEC in 2012, its location next to the Rensselaer City School was ignored. The predicted problems of truck traffic from C and D trucks in the residential community were dismissed as an issue. 

Now the renewal of the operating permit is being considered again by DEC and the major portion of the renewal application is based on the 2012 approval. So the flawed decision made in 2012 is the basis for the renewal in 2022. PFAS chemicals at the landfill which are winding up in the Hudson River also need to be addressed since they were not know about in 2012.

DEC is well aware of the inadequacies of the original approval because they have been provided a 10 page detailed review with supporting documents regarding the original application and their subsequent review and approval.

There is no excuse for the agency not to do the right thing this time. The Governor has been requested, in a published letter, to become involved. The school community, the city, the county and the Town of East Greenbush have all requested disapproval of the application. At the community meeting at the school conducted by the landfill and the multi-billion dollar corporate owner, Texas based Waste Connections, on June 14, 99% of the public’s comments were for closure of the landfill. DEC region 4 Staff were present at the meeting and witnessed those comments. Public demonstrations in opposition to the landfill have been held and will continue. 

The public can make their feelings know to DEC by calling 518-357-2096 or sending an email to brian.magliente@nulldec.ny.gov, or writing the Regional Office in Schenectady at 1139 North Westcott Road, 12306-2014

The NYSDEC needs to declare a full environmental review so the entire application is considered as new as if the landfill was never approved. They have an opportunity to protect the people this time.

Robert Welton, Rensselaer

Take this Dump and Shut It!

The Dunn Landfill in Rensselaer began operations in 2015. Each weekday morning, up to 100 long-haul tractor trailers bring construction and demolition waste to the facility. The haulers come from at least 7 different Northeast states beginning at 6:30 in the morning. A convoy of trucks backs up work traffic on Broadway near Dunkin’ Donuts as they head North on Broadway before making the steep climb up the hills of Partition Street to the dump. 

The disturbing part is that the dump operates 200 feet from Rensselaer’s Pre-K – 12 school campus. What is shocking is the facility has been operating on an expired permit since July 19th while their permit is being reviewed for renewal by the state DEC. Residents of Rensselaer and surrounding communities continue to be assaulted by the diesel fumes of trucks, load noise and hydrogen sulfide odors at the facility. Something needs to be done fast to protect our livelihood and health. How much more should we be forced to endure? Where does the Governor stand on this issue? Now is the time to take immediate action. 

It shouldn’t be up to the people of the City of Rensselaer and surrounding areas to make change; it should be up to our state representatives. DEC needs to take charge and shut this facility down before something bad happens.

David Ellis, Rensselaer

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