Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.22.21

Highway Heroes

We live on Oak Hill Road in East Poestenkill.

On Wednesday afternoon it rained four inches in two hours resulting in mud covered and washed out roads.

The Poestenkill and Rensselaer County highway crews were out cleaning and clearing the roads even before the torrential rain stopped. They worked well after dark and returned early the next morning to begin repairs.

We are writing to express our appreciation for their conscientiousness and dedication.

Thank you for your exceptional efforts.

Priscilla Fairbank, Owen Goldfarb

Dunn Landfill – Still an Incredibly Unwelcome Presence

Stories of the noise, smell, dust and traffic at the Dunn Landfill have been told for a number of years now, and with good reason. Unfortunately, some tedium can set in as time goes by and people grow weary of hearing the complaints – even as they continue to be so valid. That’s why the serious problems up there have to stay fresh in our minds as the renewal decision rapidly approaches.

At least two scenes stay fresh in my mind, reinforcing a vision of what we can expect if the permit to operate that noxious pit is renewed. First, I see the line of heavy, gray tractor-trailers crawling near the Dunn Bridge and I-787 ramps, and then plowing up Partition Street. These are not the fresh-looking Amazon trailers you see on the Thruway – they’re dusty, unmarked, sinister-looking behemoths, obviously hauling something you’d rather not see.

Secondly, it’s only the view from the air, or from a distance, that truly shows the awful size of this refuse pit. The fact that it is squeezed between a residential town and city – along with a school – should by itself negate any future permit. These points have to continue to be brought home dramatically to the state DEC and our elected officials.

Frank Coppa, East Greenbush

Nopiates Opposes New Liquor Store Across from High school

The owners of the establishment, S J Food Mart INC, have approval from the State Liquor Authority to open a liquor store across from Averill Park High School. Currently, a variety store/gas station exists which is frequented by high school students on a consistent bases purchasing food and beverages alongside cleverly marketed smoking paraphernalia and alcoholic beverages to entice underage consumption of these products.

Our community is involved with battling substance use disorder especially with our youth with programs that outline such gateway marketing ploys targeting our youth. With this liquor store being a subliminal reminder every time one of our students visits or drives by this establishment, they will be tempted, as teenagers always are, to be risk takers and find a way to purchase alcohol, via and older friend or false I.D.

Adding this liquor store to our small community will bring this type of establishment to 2 liquor stores within a 2 mile driving distance of our High School. Newly licensed drivers, accessibility to alcohol are a dangerous combination.

We have nothing against small businesses or liquor stores in general but being this close to a school is not acceptable.

Please, if you are of the same opinion, send a letter of protest to:

NYS Liquor authority /Licensing

80 South Swan Street, Suite 900, Albany NY, 12210.

Include in your letter the address of the proposed liquor store.

SJ Food Mart INC, 3305 NYS Route 43, Averill Park NY, 12018. License Serial number 2222600


Timothy P. Murdick Sr, President

Nopiates Committee INC.


Too much traffic for a neighborhood

I live on Shaver Road. I have to put up with a lot of traffic from these party and event barns that get approved in residential areas that are our neighborhoods. I have to drive through traffic areas on my street all summer. I can’t get through Parker Road as it is now when events are happening. I have spoken at a town meeting about this. Why would this type of development be allowed in neighborhoods where we live. I am against any more of these projects continuing in areas that are not planned for that. The court decided against a party barn on Barnes Road. This decision should not be appealed by the town.

Ted Rescott, West Sand Lake

Storm Recovery

Due to the terrible storm that shattered our town – Valente Lumber would like to donate 3 yards of Play Ground Mulch or Organic Bark mulch to anyone who has been impacted by the recent storm to help restore the community. Playgrounds, gardens, and flower beds have been ruined in a matter of just a few hours. If you live in Poestenkill, Sand Lake, or Wynantskill, just call our office and mention this letter and we will arrange for delivery. If you have damaged retaining walls, we will provide you with replacement timbers at cost. 518-674-3750


Steve, Matt, and Anthony Valente, Averill Park

Thoughts, prayers and thanks!

I would like to add to the good thoughts and prayers pouring into the Sand Lake community hard hit by this recent deluge, to include the Town Tavern, and Tremont Hardware, a vital part of the local community, and all the other names I do not know, and to give thanks for all those who were there as responders during and after, and especially our town highway crews, who were out there repairing damage right after the storm had passed, and after.

We’re blessed to have them all.

Paul Plante, Poestenkill

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