Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.21.22

Trouble in Rensselaer County

As a Brunswick resident, I’m no longer shocked to read another news article with excerpts from the Rensselaer County Republican Party playbook – Cheating, Dishonesty and Arrogance.

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin is charged with two felony counts – grand larceny and offering a false instrument for filing. County Republican operatives Rich Crist and Jim Gordan’s phones were seized by the FBI; dozens of subpoenas were issued to County employees. Republican Troy City Councilwoman Kim Ashe-McPherson plead guilty to felony charges related to absentee ballot fraud; she was forced to resign immediately. 

Rensselaer City Republican Mayor Mike Stammel is being investigated for involvement in absentee ballot fraud and misuse of a defunct ambulance facility. Now the FBI is focusing attention on Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Jason Schofield; two of his office staff members will be providing Grand Jury testimony. 

I’m not surprised to read of the flagrant misuse of government property in Brunswick. Per NYS Public Officers Law, taxpayer funded resources and facilities cannot be used for political campaigning or election related purposes. Brunswick Republican Town Supervisor Phil Herrington approved the use of the Brunswick Community Center for Elise Stefanik’s political rally. Supervisor Herrington admitted that he didn’t disclose this approval to anyone including the town attorney as he knew it was wrong. Essentially, the Town Supervisor used his position of authority to grant his Republican buddies special access to a town facility for political purposes. 

What will it take to close this Playbook that condones illegal activity among public servants elected under the banner of the Republican party? 

Kathie Lonergan, Brunswick 

Elise is for Tax Cuts!

The inflation crisis caused by the Biden Administration has put a strain on all Americans, but especially here in New York where we have the highest tax burden of any State. The Democrats are not going to do anything to relieve this financial pressure that they put on us. In Fact, their tax policies will make it worse. Luckily, GOP congresswoman Elise Stefanik, has been committed to lobbying Albany into lowering our taxes and advocates for reforming the entire tax code of New York. This is important, now more than ever, as gas prices are going up; there is a shortage of basic necessities; and a devaluation of our money. We need someone on our side making sure we can weather this mess that the Biden administration put us in and as we wait for the inevitable Red Wave. Elise is that representative! She has kept her promise of never voting for a tax hike, she has proven time and time again that she is loyal to her constituents and not to New York bureaucrats or politicians. Every election is important, but this one is especially important. Us New Yorkers with our vote, need to secure someone who will work for us, and make sure we can afford to support ourselves and our loved ones. Elise is that person!

James Meyers, Potsdam

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