Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.09.20

No Party Barn in our Neighborhood

I have lived on this street since 1965. I am shocked and opposed to a party event barn being built on this street. We are an agricultural and residential district and always have been.

There are multiple active farms close to the road and families with children. My daughter has an equine sport educational program with over 100 students and gives 80 lessons every week. I enjoy sitting outside watching these lessons in a rural setting we have always had. I have always taken long walks without worry. Many people use our street for safe walks and bike rides.

The idea of this special use permit is dangerous and irresponsible. I am asking this be denied without hesitation. It is completely inappropriate for our neighborhood and street

June Groat, West Sand Lake


They’ll dig a hole extra deep,

Find the stoutest box,

Pack in four yards of dirt,

Plus some heavy rocks.

They’ll go to all this trouble,

Despite all that is said,

To replace my blood with formaldehyde—

To make sure that I am dead.

The funny thing about it is

When my life is done,

They can feed me to the fishes,

Throw me in the trash,

Burn me in an oven till

I’m nothing but an ash.

For when my heart stops beating,

I couldn’t give a damn.

But if you come to know me now,

Accept the way I am.

Dean Evans, Stephentown

No Party Barn on our Road

My husband and I have lived on this road since 1988. My husband now has a disability and his safety is of great concern. An event barn would pose a great risk to our lives. We would have extra cars, potential drinking and driving, other unwanted behaviors under the influence, sudden noises and simply too many people on our road. We have always enjoyed the serenity and peacefulness which is why we moved here. I am now concerned about my husbands safety. We are also concerned about the safety of all the animals and farm activity. Who is going to monitor and control this type of activity?

I ask the planning board to please consider the risks to all with this special use permit for an event barn.

Pat Sikora, West Sand Lake

Keep Barnes Road Rural

Barnes Road in Sand Lake is a lovely rural road flanked by working farms and single family homes. It has very little vehicular traffic. It’s a great place to see wildlife. We’ve seen deer, foxes, rabbits, turkeys, herons and egrets, and hawks.

Many of us use it for walking, jogging and bicycling because there’s so little traffic and it’s so pleasant all year round.

There is a proposal to covert a property on Barnes Road to a party barn to accommodate 200 people. These people with their cars would irrevocably change to nature of this rural road in an agricultural district. A party barn usually involves people drinking and, well, partying. The noise pollution alone is a good reason not to allow this. The thought of more than a hundred cars on this little road driven by people who have been drinking is frightening.

Let’s keep Barnes Road agricultural and peacefully quiet.

Don Brown, East Greenbush

YOU did it!

On behalf of Team NG, we would like to thank those in North Greenbush who cast their ballots in the recent Democratic Primary. In a year marked by divisive politics, a public health crisis, and ever-changing guidance you persevered and exercised your civic responsibility.

We are all very excited for the support you have shown us and promise not to let you down as your local Democratic Committee. We are ready to move forward and become a unified voice for all Democrats in North Greenbush. Our first task is support Mike Helinski for Town Council. Mike has resided in town for over forty years, has served as the North Greenbush Town Court Officer (along with service in several state agencies), and is invested in programs that serve the youth of our communities. We are honored that he has taken up the opportunity to serve this community once more by representing your interests and giving voice to what makes North Greenbush a great place to live, work, and thrive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Visit www.TeamNG.org to find out more about our team and find your voice.

Team North Greenbush Democratic Committee-Elect Members

Ed Martin and Johanna Flanigan (District 1)

Todd D’Alleva (District 2)

Melissa Shanley and Britney Yatrakis (District 5)

Brian Zweig and Justan Foster (District 6)

Dan Brown (District 7)

Mary Frances Sabo and Jennifer Massey (District 8)

Born To Be Happy

I have this vision of the world

Where everyone is happy each day

They put aside their worries and troubles

And look at life in a new way

The Sound of laughter would fill the air

And all the sadness would disappear

I would wipe away every tear, and take away all fear

Then I could deposit Joy

Into an interest bearing account

And watch it grow into an amazing amount

I should spread bliss like butter on warm toast

Then let you take a bite from the middle

Because it’s the part you love most

I will put happiness into your favorite drink

So that only happy thoughts you will think

I could bake it into your favorite treat

And let you have all you can eat

I’ll put goodness into a beautiful flower bouquet

And let you stare at it all day

I will write Be Happy across the entire sky

And let the spirit of the Lord get everyone high

A wise man says “You’re as happy as you want to be”

You just need to unlock the chains of adversity

I know the best thing I can do

To make this dream come true

I’ll pray every day to God up above

That happiness will flow as they share his great love

Donna Masters, Troy

Flower Stories

Every wildflower has a story;

Tell them to your children.

Tell them of the

Blue-Eyed girl waiting for the mail.

Share the story of Jewel’s explosion

As she cried, “Touch me not!”

Search with them for the bloodspot

Left forever by Princess Anne.

Tell them of two little girls who died young, and

Their spirits returning in Daisies & Black-Eyed Susans.

Have a favorite wildflower without a story…..

Make one up….

Such stories will help your children

Identify/enjoy wildflowers for their whole lives.

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

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