Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 07.02.20

No Party Barn in Our Backyard

We are strongly opposed to the large-scale commercial project proposed be Ken Bailey. The proposal is incompatible with our community and absolutely preposterous. We are in a quiet agricultural district zoned specifically for farming and agricultural needs.

We reside on Beverly Drive which is a neighborhood and property that would be greatly impacted by such an entertainment proposal. The noise generated from receptions and/or events would be a nuisance and very disruptive to our rural community. The traffic would increase significantly drawing from all directions. The country roads are enjoyed by bicyclists, joggers, and family walkers.

Further, the construct of Barnes Road does not support such an increase in traffic. It is not intended to be a primary path of travel or a connecting road from one main route to another. Its width and lack of lighting and geography is clearly intended for residential travel only. To bring commercial volume and travelers through Barnes Road would be irresponsible for any requestor and could foreseeably increase unfavorable incidents such as pedestrian and traffic accidents, noise ordinance violations, and pollution.

Further, the proposal shows no clearly thought out plan for the services and accommodations that are suggested, demonstrating that the owner has no true appreciation for the extremity of the proposal and exactly how it would be performed in a legal and safe way. The entire dialogue regarding alcohol consumption, provisions, and licensure put forth a spot light on the owners inexperience. We cannot and should not support any action that carries such blind indifference to personal responsibility.

We have resided at Beverly Drive for 17 years, enjoying our view of pastures and the tranquility and peace this area offers. We strongly request this special use permit be denied and have faith the Town will do the right thing to uphold the zoning of our community.

Ju Po, West Sand Lake

Memoirs of an Amnesiac: Sundae Drives

When my son, Paul, was 8, his classmate, Greg, invited him to Stewart’s for ice cream. It was the last day of Third Grade, and they celebrated by building their own sundaes. A little girl ahead of them was pouring a creamy, golden syrup over hers, which led to a debate over how to pronounce the word “caramel”. Paul and Greg argued back and forth, each rock-solid in his conviction. But the little girl had the last word: “It’s butterscotch.”

I’ve built a few sundaes at Stewart’s, too, starting as a kid in the 1950s. That was one of several places my family would visit on a Sunday afternoon. The idea was partly to give Mom a break, as she was home all week with three kids. Sometimes we’d drive to Moxie’s for ice cream cones; or maybe park at the Albany Airport and watch big planes take off and land. One time we stopped at Samaritan Hospital, where Dad was working as maintenance carpenter. He pointed out various buildings, including one reserved for the terminally ill. He said, “When patients check into that building, they don’t come out alive.” That shook me by both lapels!

Once or twice we wound up at the Port of Albany, where Dad liked to inspect the ships docked there. As a young man in the 1930s, he had seen much of the world from the deck of a freighter. For me, the strong smell of molasses at the port was annoying; for Dad it must have been like a long-forgotten perfume. It stirred the old wanderlust and memories of his youth, when the only thing that weighed him down was his duffel bag.

Our little family adventures may have helped prepare me to leave home. Eventually I went away to college and afterward to Germany. Through life’s scary changes, it’s comforting to lean on things which don’t change. I’m glad we can still build a sundae at Stewart’s, get a rum-raisin cone at Moxie’s, and watch big planes at the Albany Airport.

Ron McKee, Averill Park

Where it all Began

Let’s take a stroll to the garden, my sisters

Back where it all began..

Where Adam, the snake and the apple

 Set the scene for the history of man.

We shall stroll side by side my sisters

As we enter the Garden’s gate

And marvel at the pristine beauty

Where our lives were dictated by fate.

Here we find Adam..still a marvel of a man

His children and Eve …who became Adam’s wife,

Where they followed to the letter God’s plan

And honored us all…with life.

In these troubled times of disaster

Think back to those first joyous days

And remember that our lives will go on…

To the Garden give thanks and our praise,

Sylvia Honig, Wynantskill

No Party Barn in our Neighborhood

I have lived on this street since 1965. I am shocked and opposed to a party event barn being built on this street. We are an agricultural and residential district and always have been.

There are multiple active farms close to the road and families with children. My daughter has an equine sport educational program with over 100 students and gives 80 lessons every week. I enjoy sitting outside watching these lessons in a rural setting we have always had. I have always taken long walks without worry. Many people use our street for safe walks and bike rides.

The idea of this special use permit is dangerous and irresponsible. I am asking this be denied without hesitation. It is completely inappropriate for our neighborhood and street

June Groat, West Sand Lake

QLC Thank You

Over the past seven-plus years the Quality of Life Committee (QLC) in the Little Italy South Central Neighborhood of Troy NY has proposed a plan to city government to revitalize 4th Street north of the Poestenkill Canal with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds.

4th St. is important because it is a main gateway to the city. For prospective new residents, homeowners, businesses, and visitors it is their first impression of our city. The street needs to be an example of the pride and commitment to neighborhood revitalization, the City of Troy has for welcoming all to a clean, safe, attractive, and modern city.

At the May 2020 City Council Meeting the council approved the next CDBG plan with a target area of 4th Street from Canal to Division Street heading north and 3rd Street from Canal to Adams Street with improvements including, sidewalks and curbing replacement, road paving, streetscape improvements, public safety, and neighborhood park improvements.

The QLC would like to thank all who have listened to our request including Mayor Madden, Deputy Mayor Kurzejeski, current, and past City Council Members, fellow neighborhood groups, the CYO Center, neighborhood residents and businesses, Steven Strichman, Commissioner of Planning & Economic Development, James Rath, Assistant Planner, Carolin Skriptshak -Director, Charles Doyle – CDBG Technician. Viestarts Zubkovs-Planner, and Christine Hillary, Assistant Planner from the City of Troy Office of Housing & Community Development, past Mayor Lou Rosamilia, Tim Mattice, former Director of Community Housing and Development.

The entire neighborhood is looking forward to the start of this reinvestment project that will have a positive impact on the entire City of Troy.

QLC Members – Mike Esposito and Sam Chiappone, Co-Facilitators, members Joshua Chiappone, Heather Hamlin, Dan Franklin, Dan Lennon, Denise Saint-Onge, Seamus Donnelly, Jason Hughes, and David Bissember

Sam Chiappone, Troy

Bring It Fourth’

Our ancestors worked their fingers to the bone

To make this wilderness our home

Everyone joined together to bring forth our prosperity

Our culture was too proud to take anyone’s charity

A brave group of visionaries traveled to a far off place

So they could worship the Lord without disgrace

They endured many trials and tribulations

Before there would be any celebrations

In the land of the free and the home of the brave

You treated your fellow countrymen with respect

And tried not to misbehave

The King of Britain was a tyrant and in control

His despicable tactics were taking a toll

All thirteen colonies stood together

To sign a document that changed this country forever

The pursuit of happiness is your unalienable right

So treasure it with all your might

We wanted our dignity and our pride

Because in life there is never really a free ride

Independence was the wise choice

Without it we would never have a voice

I thank God everyday

Because it was worth the price we had to pay

As I gaze upon the fireworks that light up the night

I pray that America’s future will always be bright !

Donna Masters, Troy


They’ll dig a hole extra deep,

Find the stoutest box,

Pack in four yards of dirt,

Plus some heavy rocks.

They’ll go to all this trouble,

Despite all that is said,

To replace my blood with formaldehyde—

To make sure that I am dead.

The funny thing about it is

When my life is done,

They can feed me to the fishes,

Throw me in the trash,

Burn me in an oven till

I’m nothing but an ash.

For when my heart stops beating,

I couldn’t give a damn.

But if you come to know me now,

Accept the way I am.

Dean Evans, Stephentown

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