Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 06.25.20

Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association

Dear Planning Board,

Our family is strongly opposed to the large-scale commercial project proposed by Ken Bailey to host approximately 40 venues a year from June to October. This proposal is absolutely preposterous. We are in a quiet agricultural district specifically for farming and agricultural needs.

We reside at Beverly Drive which is neighborhood and property that would be greatly impacted by such an entertainment proposal. The noise generated and the additional traffic increase would be a nuisance to out rural community. The country roads are enjoyed by bicyclists, joggers, and family walkers. Barnes road itself is not intended to be a primary path of travel. Its width, lack of street lighting and geography is intended for residential travel only. To bring commercial volume and travelers through Barnes Road would be irresponsible for any requestor and could foreseeably increase unfavorable incidents and traffic accidents, noise ordinance violations, and pollution.

Further, the proposal shows no clearly thought out plan for the services and accommodations that are suggested, demonstrating that the owner has no true appreciation for the extremity of the proposal and how it would be performed in a legal and safe way.

We strongly request that this special use permit be denied and have faith that the town will do the right thing to uphold zoning in our community.

JP, West Sand Lake

Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association

West Sand Lake Planning Board – I remain in opposition to a special use permit by your board to allow an entertainment barn by Mr Bailey on his property. It is a disservice to the aspiration that this village will continue to develop into a family oriented community with out randomly scattered commercial establishments where overwhelmingly unwelcome.

In this instance, there is no reason to inflict a party barn on a quiet rural residential part of town.

Darrell Welch

Does the Natural Landscape Mean Nothing?

The June 8 North Greenbush Planning Board Meeting granted conceptual approval to the 120 Hidley Road Subdivision. This approval was premature, because the applicant has not fully responded to the two public comments below. Their next meeting is June 22.

Question 1: The Application for Minor Subdivision includes question 6: “Is the proposed action consistent with the predominant character of the existing built or natural landscape?” Where is the evidence for the applicant’s answer of yes? A partial response was provided at the meeting: some existing Hidley Road house lots are similar in size to the subdivision lots. The existing character of the natural landscape was not mentioned. Moreover, the proposed 22 houses on 19 acres is a far cry from the 60 or so houses on our entire road.

Question 2: What is the applicant’s response to the petition signed by a majority of Hidley Road households, which included: “Our wildlife and their habitat are an integral part of the predominant character of our natural landscape, so close to the center of town. Here there is a delicate balance of the built environment with the fragmented yet still functional wildlife habitat…” The natural environment was not addressed during the Planning Board meeting.

Further musings: An emerging real estate market is on the horizon: New York City buyers willing to pay a small fortune for large open spaces on which to build a home. Will we have any open space left for such profitable and desirable land use?

Our Zoning Code was revised in 2016, allowing higher density development, after pressure from developers, and with public input, at taxpayer cost of some $400,000. I was one of too many who were not involved. What is your vision for our Town? Your views are welcome in the next Hidley Woodland News at Sheree4614@nullgmail.com, where you may also request the first edition.

Sheree (Cheryl) Cammer, Wynantskill

Zoned A1 For A Reason

Excerpt of a Letter to the Planning Board: We are writing regarding our concern with the 204 Barnes Road application for a Commercial Party Barn. Why are we concerned? The strong agricultural history of West Sand Lake is something that should continue to be cherished and preserved. The progress of man is inevitable and already West Sand Lake has arguably been damaged by the sprawling, uncontrolled city growth that affects many of the area’s booming suburbs. The foresight of previous Planning Boards to zone the Barnes/Shaver/Parker area as A1-Agricultural should be withheld. This is not a tenuous law which can be swayed easily. In keeping with the comprehensive plan and it’s Vision of Sand Lake’s Future, this application should be respectively denied. What of the applicant’s rights to benefit from commercial enterprise? Under the current zoning, the applicant does not have the right. Considering the seemingly unanimous opposition from neighboring citizens, the rights of many would be sacrificed for one. This is a neighborhood for homes and farms, not a commercial business district.

Thank you for your time and service,

Patrick and Amanda Flanagan (proud West Sand Lake residents)

Call me Awkward

There are folks who have quite a  knack

And a talent for  many things  that I lack.

For instance, I can not open a jar

Or park in a small space with my car.

If I try to hammer a nail, I’m so dumb

I end up …you guessed it…whacking my thumb.

If I buy something that requires construction

For me it  turns into destruction.

Whatever I buy online is a mess

Because I always make the wrong guess

I choose the wrong color and the wrong size

I pick the wrong make- up for my eyes

I buy the dog food that my dogs won’t eat

I have six shoes that don t fit my feet.

If I hang a picture on the wall

As soon as it’s up it then takes a fall.

When I plant my flower seeds

What grows for me….only weeds.

 There’s only one upside to the the things I lack:

People who want help never ask me back!

  Sylvia Honig, Wynantskill

Release The Peace

We can make the world a better place

When we join together and share the Lords good grace

It’s not mans duty to turn every wrong into a right

Just make peace with each other

Before the sun disappears into the night

Its Gods right to declare vengeance

In order that every evil must pay a penance

You should never burn a bridge

That you some day may have to cross

Because a temporary gain may turn into a permanent loss

We all come from the same seed

Some are different colors others of a different creed

But, when we’re cut we all bleed

The prince of peace teaches us to turn the other cheek

Remain humble and learn to be meek

It’s only when you forgive

That you feel what it’s like to truly live

Fill your mind with every good thought

Integrity can’t be sold and it won’t be bought

There will always be something going on

With which we might not agree

Use this to gain wisdom and set your mind free

I pray each day about what is wrong

And put the troubles in God’s hands where they belong

Donna Masters, Troy

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