Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 06.23.22

Let’s meet in the middle

I have met many political and judicial candidates over the years, but I have never met anyone, either in politics or outside it, who works as hard as Judge George Burke. He has more energy, organization and determination than anyone I’ve ever met. And he has an amazing team behind him: his many brothers and sisters and their kids are all incredibly supportive of his effort to become the next Rensselaer County Court Judge. A family that united is a beautiful thing. 

Living in rural Brunswick, I have many friends on both sides of the aisle. About a month ago, I went to one of my dearest friends, diametrically opposite to me politically, and asked him what he thought of George Burke (George Burke grew up in Brunswick and seems to know absolutely everybody!). My friend gave me a hard stare for a second, so I wasn’t sure what I was about to get, but then said, “Oh, Georgie Burke is the best. I love that guy.” I have heard that exact same sentiment all over the place. Judge Burke is a rare person who can still be agreed upon by people of extremely different political views. 

The world is so polarized right now. Judge Burke is the kind of person we need more of in public service, someone who can unite us, not divide us.

Jennifer Mann, Brunswick

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