Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 06.04.20

A Beast in the Wild

  When I was a child  in the woods one day

A frightful beast suddenly blocked my way:

Greetings, my lovely, how are you my sweet

How lucky we are that we now chanced to meet.

The warnings my parents drummed into my head

Reminded me of the terrors that they had said

Would harm me if ever  I talked to strangers..

Now this beast churned up thoughts of all  those dangers.

I noticed the beast had hands that were claws

In place of his feet I noticed big paws,

I have to go  home to my mom..I said

Afraid he would notice I was trembling with dread.

Let me take you to my castle all made of gold

And honor you with sweet meats and treasures untold.

In a panic I  turned and ran away

Got home to my mom…still safe to this day.

Some days when  life seems drab and dull

The chance meeting with the beast makes me mull

Over the possibility that the beast was sincere

That I had no reason at all to fear.

Dear Beast, if I have judged you wrong

And your intentions were innocent all along

I hope that you have found a loving child

To bring joy and laughter in your castle in the wild.

Sylvia Honig, Wynantskill

Just Say “No” to an Event/Party Barn on Barnes Road

Barnes Road is, and has always been, an Agricultural District. Erecting an event/party barn on 204 Barnes Road is not a venue that fits with the agricultural community of the road. We moved to Barnes Road 24 years ago for the agricultural aspect, the quiet environment, the pitch dark star laden sky and the general removal from the everyday hustle and bustle. On a daily basis you will see farm equipment traveling up and down the road, loads of kids crossing the road to tend to farm animals, people biking/jogging/walking, and many people riding horses. The additional traffic and noise that an event/party barn would bring would make a curvy, narrow, questionable speed limit, and dark Barnes Road even more unsafe then it already is.

Barnes Road is very quiet place to live. However, because of the geographical peaks and valleys noise travels very clearly and a great distance. Our house is located directly across from 204 Barnes Road and I am confident we will be able to hear (music and conversation) during whatever party event is happening. The excessive traffic noise and light pollution of 75-100 additional cars traveling up and down the road every weekend, all summer long, is distressing as well.

As a resident of Sand Lake I find it disconcerting that the Planning Board would even consider another event/party barn when there is one roughly 2 miles down the road on Parker Road. It is well known that the residents throughout the surrounding area have voiced concerns regarding noise, road damage, and especially the constant traffic. That too was supposed to be a “seasonal” venue and now it has turned into year round.

Beware…if the Town Board approves a variance for this type of structure in an agricultural zoned area it sets a precedent that can apply anywhere within the Sand Lake District…meaning zoning restrictions won’t matter! Barnes Road is Agricultural and we want to keep it that way!

A Very Concerned Resident

Shari L. Mantini

DeFreestville Democrats in Good Hands

My wife and I are proud to continue our service to our community as volunteers working to elect Democrats to public office in North Greenbush. As a member of the Executive Board of DANA, I know full well the concerns of DeFreestville residents regarding development, traffic and drainage which continue to cause issues here and throughout the town.

Jodi and I ask for your support to serve in a volunteer position on the Democratic Committee representing Election District 6 where we live here in DeFreestville. As a current and longtime member of that committee, I am pleased to have been selected by Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley along with Jodi, to be part of his winning team.

Last year this team won 5 of 6 local races we participated in, the highest percentage in the county. Our Committee team includes our respected Highway Superintendent Mark Premo and Receiver of Taxes Tom McGrath to name a few.

Jodi has stepped up as a poll worker in recent elections as so many of these dedicated folks have retired. Together, we have always tried to convey a positive message for our community and serve the cause of electing Democratic candidates who share our values and a commitment to ethics in government. We will always put ethics first when endorsing candidates. A great deal of time is spent behind the scenes helping our candidates win including fundraising, a golf outing, designing and purchasing lawn signs and an array of other activities. We are currently working hard to elect Mike Helinski to the Town Board.

We are the proud parents of three children two of which attend Belltop School which remains the most important and rewarding job we have. Jodi and I would appreciate your vote to serve on the Democratic Committee in ED 6 on Primary Day June 23rd or by absentee ballot.

John & Jodi Hebert

Thank You to the Staff of the Advertiser

I have come to a realization recently that many of you may have come to much sooner: the Advertiser is an enormous asset to our community, in regular times and especially in times of crisis like we’ve been experiencing lately. I’ve worked with their design team on ads before, but the added urgency of this moment made it an even deeper pleasure to see how they care about and understand the needs of our local community. Their responsiveness, timeliness and creativity is always appreciated, but especially now, when businesses are hurting, it was wonderful to have them as a champion. I want to thank the entire staff of the Advertiser for their high-quality, efficient, professional work on the ads that BrunswickCOVID-19 placed in support of our town’s small businesses and to get the word out to people it might help about the existence of our website. Thank you, Advertiser, for being such generous supporters of our shared community! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Jennifer Mann, Brunswick, NY

Takin’ Care Of Small Business

You open up a business because it is your passion

The American dream never goes out of fashion

You know all of your customers by name

Life from here on in will never be the same

The hours are long and the pay is sometimes low

But your pride will still overflow

There are no checks coming in the mail

But you’re bound and determined not to fail

You pray for your prosperity each day

And all of a sudden things start going your way

We don’t need to be bailed out with government money

Because the public’s support is as sweet as honey

This country was built brick by brick

Not by politicians whose minds are ever so thick

Every dollar you spend here says, In God We Trust

We’ll use it judiciously so we don’t go bust

The wise folks know the price you pay

When you let big business get in the way

The pulse of the community is still beating

In the hearts of these local places

When you shop at them you can

Appreciate their familiar faces

So now it’s time to get into your car and take a ride

You’re picking up your goods curbside !

Donna Masters, Troy

NG Dems in Good Hands

Some 16 years ago I asked North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley to support me for Highway Superintendent. With his help and guidance I have won every election since. Last year this team, your Democratic Committee, won 5 of 6 town elections they worked on which is the highest percentage in the county. Results matter.

Candidates depend on a party organization for so many aspects of a campaign. Chairman Ashley has put together a dedicated team of volunteers as members of the Democratic Committee whose expertise and skills combine to win local elections. Their knowledge of petitioning, election laws, local issues, fundraising and access to all the modern tools of campaigning in this internet age are indispensable for any candidate to be successful.

Chairman Ashley is a kind of coach who recruits candidates and volunteers with skills critical to a successful campaign. He has always picked a great group of volunteers who serve us on our town Democratic Committee, many of whom have served for 20 years or more. These volunteers are being challenged in a primary on June 23rd which is disappointing. Democrats should vote to keep this winning team working for our community.

ED1 Jann Liberty & Ron Sinico

ED2 Rich Fennelly

ED3 Ernie Kern & Tom McGrath

ED5 Delores Celeste & Ed Dickinson

ED6 John & Jodi Hebert

ED7 John Kern & Charlie Smith

ED8 Dan Ashley & Mike Derevlany

Mark Premo

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