Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 06.03.21

Sand Lake Taxpayers Paying for Barnes Road party Barn’s Appeal

The court has responded and determined that the town’s planning board was arbitrary and non-responsive to neighbors concerns when it approved the Bailey party barn proposal. Despite overwhelming opposition to the party barn the planning board has decided to spend taxpayers money to appeal the court’s decision. If the party barn proposal is so important why didn’t the board spend funds to have outside experts review the minimal traffic and noise evaluations offered by Mr Bailey’s engineers. The board didn’t even ask the town highway department for their input. Rather than have the town spend money on the appeal the applicant should bear the responsibility to do so if he wishes.

James Lister, 72 Barnes Road

No Party Barn on our Road

I have lived in this community for many years and now have grandchildren to raise here too.   We have formed a Neighborhood Organization to stop a project 90% of the residents on our street do not want.  Neighbors from five surrounding streets also do not want to see this happen.  We have won a decision in the Supreme Court to have this project stopped.  The Town Planning Board has approved an additional budget to continue to now try to possibly appeal this court decision.   We have all continuously during this past year made our views clear.  The Supreme Court  has agreed with us.  What is the Town Planning Board doing?

Jack Schreiner, West Sand Lake

EG Library Still Behind the Times, at Our Expense and Inconvenience

I continue to be dismayed and puzzled by the Library’s bunker-mentality on fully reopening. At a time when both state and CDC-evaluations are quickly moving toward normalization, East Greenbush steadfastly continues with limited hours; a strict mask policy; no-seating; limited browsing times; limited computer use; and an uninviting interior which looks like they are packing up and moving away.

The weak rationale provided in a Library Email of May 22, along with the website as of May 28, includes not being able to “verify who has been vaccinated”. Why is that different from anyplace else that’s fully-opened up or will fully open up, with patrons and customers gathered at densities far greater than in the library? Stewarts, McDonalds, Walmart, liquor stores, Hannaford.

The Library also alludes to risks with patrons 12 & under. First of all, the CDC has generally pronounced that in terms of COVID issues with that age group, dangers are relatively minimal. Furthermore, those same kids are freely massing out in the community now and having fun as they should, with or without masks. Take a look at the playgrounds and ice cream stands.

A note to the Library: you are not some isolated, unique island where Covid persists as a dangerous presence. Stop the fear-based silliness and get back to serving the taxpaying community in the manner it deserves.

Frank Coppa, East Greenbush

Misuse of Tax Payer Money

The Barnes Road Neighborhood Association has vigorously opposed the proposed Event Barn on our road. The Sand Lake Planning Board reviewed the proposal and voted in favor of the Barn without considering neighborhood opposition or conformance with the surrounding area. The Association appealed the decision and on April 1st State Supreme Court Judge Henry Zwack ruled that the Planning Board acted in a “arbitrary and capricious” fashion and a review that was “incomplete…without substantial evidence to indicate that (The Event Barn) was compatible with the rural community”. Many of my neighbors and I agree. In response, the Planning Board has set aside $5000 to appeal the decision. It would be a complete misuse of taxpayer money to pursue that action. I support the Judge’s decision and would oppose the use of the Town’s funds for this project.

Winston Hagborg & Deborah Dewey, West Sand Lake

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