Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 05.14.20

Sabo Democratic Committee Slate Misleads

A recent announcement of a slate of North Greenbush Democratic Committee candidates misleads voters as to the real reason for their candidacy. It has nothing to do with traffic, recreation and certainly not ethics.

Councilwoman Sabo recruited this group of people to gain control over the endorsement process after the committee declined to endorse her for town supervisor last year. The committee did so because we correctly believed her job in the State conflicted with the Supervisor’s position.

What their announcement left out was an ethics opinion from her employer, NY State, telling her numerous reasons she could not hold the office of Supervisor. She ignored it forcing the State to issue her a written order to stop campaigning.

On April 8, 2019, two months after announcing her primary candidacy, a State Ethics Officer contacted Mrs. Sabo about her candidacy because she had not requested prior approval from New York State to run for office. On April 10th, the officer contacted Mrs. Sabo via email and was misled, denying she had begun to campaign.

On May 31, 2019, the Ethics Officer issued an opinion stating “you may not campaign and run for election as Town Supervisor and you will need to immediately cease all your current activities related to campaigning or running for that office.” Further it declared she could not serve if she won. Mrs. Sabo defied the order of New York State and kept that decision from the voters and the Town Democratic Committee.

On June 18, 2019, a Deputy General Counsel hand delivered an order, demanding Mrs. Sabo cease all campaigning activities within 24 hours. Her defiance caused her suspension, and resignation.

Now Councilwoman Sabo and her husband, also an attorney, are attempting to take control of the Town Committee by stacking it with friends who will ensure it makes decisions to personally benefit her. Lastly the Democratic Committee won 5 of 6 races last year by putting ethics first in candidate selection.

Ron Sinico, Wynantskill

The Daily Briefing

I’m getting sick of the daily briefings

Offered by assorted politicians.

They might better be called lectures

Designed to highlight our ignorance

And their omniscience.

No good news…no hope;

Just stern warnings and dire predictions.

Why the need for daily briefings

When little new is said each day.

Weekly, or twice weekly briefings should suffice;

For the people that is…not the politicians.

They, after all……

Are campaigning for re-election !!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake

I’m So Thankful

I woke up this morning and I looked

At the world in a different way

Without all the distractions that

Would normally lead me astray

I went outside and watched the trees

Dancing to the warm spring breeze

Then I wiped a tear of joy from my eye

Because I knew it was better to laugh than to cry

I look upon my view and gaze up into the sky

I realize what I need to do and I understand why

I’m programmed to make logical sense of my life

Once I find the right answer

I don’t need to solve it twice

I give thanks to God for my food, family, and friends

My list of thankfulness never ends

I ponder daily the things I appreciate

It’s a habit from which I never deviate

Once you learn to give thanks to the Lord

You’ll realize that the things that were important

You could always afford

I know I have but one life to live

And it’s not about how much you have

It’s about how much you give

Donna Masters, Troy

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