Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 05.07.20

Wearing Face Masks is Hard

As we head into summer, wearing face masks is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable; they get warm and moist underneath and they sometimes make it difficult to breathe freely. For me, however, one of the most difficult things about wearing a  mask is the unfortunate disappearance of people’s smiles. No longer can we say hello, excuse me or thank you with a smile. No longer can our eyes and our smiles connect with a stranger who is struggling with a screaming child in the grocery store or standing in line at the post office. I miss being able to smile at people in public but this virus doesn’t care. Governor Cuomo said that wearing a mask is a sign of “respect” for those around us. We should, therefore, continue to wear them but let it be known that, for many of us, our smiles are still there underneath and always filled with great hope that better days are ahead for us all.

Mary Ann Matters, East Greenbush

Barnes RD Area Rallying to Preserve AG District

The Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association has continued to grow, widening the circle of opposition to large-scale commercial development in the Sand Lake Agricultural Residential Zone. The group opposes an application for a special use permit to run a large-scale commercial catering business for up to 200 people every Saturday and Sunday from May through October on Barnes Road. The attached map shows the households in the immediate vicinity that are actively opposing the Bailey application. It is the neighborhood’s confident hope that the Town of Sand Lake Planning Board will use common sense, follow the zoning ordinance and the Town Master Plan, and deny this special use permit. Remember, you have a right to be heard. The next open Planning Board meeting is likely not to take place until Wednesday May 20, 2020.

Kevin Brocks, West Sand Lake

Walk Smart

Walk whenever you can

It’s good for you, but

Walk Smart…

First rule to remember:

Walk on the left side of the road;

Face oncoming traffic.

I cringe when I see a parent

Walking a child in a stroller

On the right side of the road, back to traffic.

I can’t help but think…

They will never know

What hit them.

Wear bright colored clothing

And ditch the ear buds;

You must be able to hear approaching vehicles.

You will be able to avoid danger

If you can see or hear it coming.

So….Walk Smart !!!

Lloyd Barnhart, West Sand Lake 

What Mother Means To Me!

M is for the many precious memories

we shared together

O is for the one and only person

that will be my mom forever

T is for the time we spent with each other,

that of which I will always cherish

H is for the happiness you brought into my life

which will never perish

E is for each and every moment I’ve had

with you, I will always treasure

R Is for the reason I wrote this, which was to

tell you that my love for you

is too enormous to measure

Donna Masters, Troy 

Let The Fear Disappear

Article Content

A wise man says: “Don’t be afraid”

Just because some bills need to be paid

The sun will still come up in the morning

The thunder and lightning comes before the storm

To give you fair warning

Take it one step at a time as you’re going uphill

When the journey is complete

It will give you such a thrill

It’s scientifically true,

That the glass is always half full

And thinking happy thoughts is good for the soul

Remember that your mind tells your heart to beat

And conquering your fears is ever so sweet

Look around and you’ll see some fine folks

Who perform acts of courage each day

Then use them as an example to

Help lead you their way

Acting with due diligence in a time of duress

Means that you have passed the test

Don’t ever give up the good fight

Just ask God to help you before the sun

Disappears into the night

Donna Masters, Troy 

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