Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 04.16.20

I Can’t Tell You My Secret

If you have a secret sin

Take it with you to the grave.

Fight the urge to tell a friend..

The response you get you will not crave.

So you didn’t listen

Now your secret sin is out;

Now we know what you did

And what your secret was all about.

You should remember this old saw:

Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Never let your secret out..

Keep it safe in your head.

If you lead an innocent life

And have no secret sins to hide..

Perhaps it’s time to spice it up

And trade it for a bumpy ride.

Sylvia Honig…2020

Councilwoman Sabo Must Reverse Vote Slashing Town Clerk Salary

The Executive Committee of the NGDC has voted unanimously to ask Councilwoman Sabo to take steps to restore the salary of the newly elected Town Clerk, Janice Kerwin. In four monthly reports Mrs. Sabo published in the Advertiser on Town Board meetings since her vote in December, not once did she inform the public of her vote to slash the salary of the new Town Clerk.

The Executive leadership acted after a Committee meeting in which Sabo was roundly criticized for voting with the Republican Majority to slash the salary of our Town Clerk taking $20,000 from her term. It was noted that in the meeting, Mrs. Sabo voted with Republicans in a clear act of retribution after the Republican candidate was defeated in the general election. No such effort was made to reduce the salary of the newly elected Town Supervisor.

The discussions also noted that Councilwoman Sabo signed the Designating petition of the Republican candidate for Town Clerk rather than her own party’s nominee. Yet if a Democrat fails to blindly support Mrs. Sabo they are called disloyal.

The Executive Committee is greatly disappointed that a member of our party would vote to punish our candidate for Town Clerk just prior to taking office on January 1st. All of the candidates running last year knew what the salaries were before making the decision to run. To change anyone’s salary after the election was inexcusable, regardless of political affiliation. This salary had been paid over a number of years in which the Republican clerk had could rarely be found in Town Hall. Our newly elected Town Clerk like most of us have bills to pay, including her daughter’s tuition at Siena College.

We therefore believe that Councilwoman’s Sabo should recognize this mistake and take the steps needed to restore the Clerk’s salary without delay .

Dan Ashley, Chairman, NGDC

Spring Fling

I woke up this morning to the sounds of birds singing in the air

A certain sign that spring is finally here

The buds are on the trees

And my hair is moving in the direction of the lovely breeze

The flowers are starting to bloom

And my voice is singing a cheery tune

There’s a cute bunny in my yard every day eating the new grass

He’s totally unmoved by what’s come to pass

I hear children laughing and playing in my neighbor’s yard

They enjoy life without worry, I’m learning to do that too, and it’s not that hard

I see the beauty of the earth laid out before me

And I know that happiness is there and it’s totally free

The change of a season is a special time

And I’m confident that with the right perspective I’m doing fine

So I’m picking a daffodil out of the lawn and

Putting it in a vase on my dining room table

Every time I gaze at it I’m going to say, “I am able”

Then as I lay my head down each night to rest

I‘ll thank God that I’m truly blessed

Donna Masters, Troy

Days of Infamy and Lives Changed Forever

Many of our parents’ generation shared the horrible memory of Pearl Harbor that changed their lives forever.

People of my generation remember where they were the day that JFK was assassinated. (I was in Miss Conway’s 4th grade class at Colonie Village Elementary School).

Our children’s generation was devastated by the horror of 9/11.

Now those of us who’ve lived through all of those evil acts have another disastrous event to contend with: the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

Like the others, this one stands to cause a great deal of wide-ranging consequences for a lot of people.

Unlike the others, this one was not committed on a single day by a person or persons dedicated to an INTENDED consequence. But there can be no doubt that some have manipulated and exacerbated its consequences to advance a political agenda …to not let the crisis go to waste.

Time will only tell if they will be held accountable but we should each of us take the time to consider the facts of the matter, hold onto the truth and discard the hysteria.

We may never be able to prove the intent of politicians who took advantage of the situation but we can get a good idea by their recent political history.

Do you trust those who have thwarted President Trump at every effort to strengthen our nation’s defense and resistance to such a calamity as this?

Did you or do you still believe those who have cried wolf over every issue imaginable since before Mr. Trump became President?

Please show a modicum of respect for your own intelligence, follow the facts and keep your emotions at bay. Each of us is a potential juror in this case. Try to show your neighbors in the jury pool that you are worthy of the job.

David Crawmer, Wynantskill

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