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Letters To The Editor 03.24.22

North Greenbush approves $1.3 million funding that Rep. Stefanik funded against

During the March 10, 2022 North Greenbush Town Meeting, members approved resolution 2022-3-14. This resolution authorized the acceptance and expenditure of a grant funding from the federal government from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Rep. Stefanik along with 209 other Republican representatives voted no on this bill (https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/117-2021/h49). This bill provided funding to municipalities to help recover from the COVID pandemic. North Greenbush approved spending just under $1.3 million from the ARPA grant as follows:

– $500,000 for parks and the town beach

– $400,000 for a municipal water project

– $152,000 for highway drainage

– $70,000 for fire / ambulance services

– $20,000 for salary and bonus compensation to town staff who worked during the pandemic and met certain requirements (virtually all staff should receive some amount)

All four North Greenbush board members as well as Supervisor Bott voted to accept these funds and distribute as mentioned. Government is about helping constituents and it is a shame that Rep. Stefanik voted against this bill. Because of the funding from the Federal government via ARPA, the water project along Route 43 could continue. The Route 43 project was underway and costs escalated. Some of this funding is helping cover the increased costs of the water project along Route 43.

Again, government is about serving and helping constituents. ARPA is one of the ways that the Federal government helped our town.

Michael Myer, North Greebnbush

PFOA SAGA No. 13 – The DEC “Shuck” Exposed

For those unfamiliar with the term “shuck,” in this case by the NYSDEC along with its “partners,” the NYSDOH, the RCHD and the town of Poestenkill, it is a concerted effort to cause someone, in this case, the residents of Poestenkill who live near the DEC-regulated public nuisance known as the Poestenkill transfer station, and the taxpayers of the APSD, to believe something that is not true, that being that the transfer station cannot possibly be the source of the PFAS in our drinking water, which means according to the DEC’s latest “February 2022 Community Update” signed off on, on 2 February 2022 by Eric Hausamann, a NYSDEC licensed professional engineer pursuant to New York State Education Law § 7201, wherein is stated that the societal duty of professional engineers in New York is to safeguard life, health and property, not conduct whitewashes to protect suspected polluters, and 6 NYCRR § 637.6(a) “(A)n environmental engineer applies the principles and data of engineering and natural and social sciences for the protection and improvement of the environment,” not to protect suspected polluters, along with Justin Deming of the New York State Department of Health and Richard Elder of the Rensselaer County Department of Health, that the source has to be Valente Lumber, instead, which is a patently ludicrous and ridiculous statement, indeed, but we are talking a “shuck” here by the whitewashers, not a search for facts or truth, so that is what we are told and accordingly, being considered weak-witted and downright stupid by these whitewashers, that is what we are expected to believe, and some actually do.

But not all as was made incandescently clear in a forensic analysis exposing the “shuck” prepared by a licensed professional engineer for a group of concerned parents and taxpayers that was submitted to the governor’s office on 14 March 2022.

That forensic report rips the DEC “shuck” to pieces, so this silly game being played on us is far from over, indeed.

Paul Plante, Poestenkill

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