Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 03.19.20

Maple Math

Real life learning

In Grandpa’s backyard:

4 trees + 8 taps

Yields quite a bit of sap.

A lot of sap + hours of boiling

Yields a little delicious syrup.

Homemade syrup + Grandma’s pancakes

Makes for a real treat !!

Collecting sap + making syrup

Expands a young boy’s knowledge.

Lloyd Barnhart

West Sand Lake

Gambling With Your Life

In an era of hyper-awareness of communicable disease, it would be hard to imagine a more ideal vector for the transmission of coronavirus (or any other pathogen) than the handle of a slot machine.  Perhaps roulette or blackjack are safer bets, or maybe New York State casinos and other gaming venues should be shut down until the situation improves.  Just saying.

Patrick Sturn, Wynantskill

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