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Letters To The Editor 03.04.21

Vote Yes on the Poestenkill Ambulance District

When I read Councilman Hass’ letter in the Advertiser last week (February 11) I was somewhat surprised by his “Blank Check” analogy. At first I thought Mr. Hass did not understand the process involved; a vote as to whether or not to establish an Ambulance District, then at a later date a vote to approve a budget and a plan. Later in his comments he does actually prove he well knows the entire process.

There is no “Blank Check” Mr. Hass. There will be, by design, a complete and accurate budget IF the District is approved on March 30. And the Taxpayers get to vote a second time to approve that budget. Your dramatic and misleading words are far less than I would expect from an elected official. Nobody is being asked to spend a penny. And if the voters reject the establishment of a District, that’s it. The End. But if you convince voters to vote no, it should be based on real logic, not twisted scare tactics. This is the way such questions should be answered; by actual voter input.

I have not forgotten your remarks in 2017, where you said that you were elected to make decisions. For the most part, you are right. But with something this important, I think the taxpayers should have the chance to voice their opinion. You have been opposed to the concept of improving Ambulance Service in our town from the start. When the Town Board set up the Poestenkill Ambulance Advisory Committee, you completely denied their well researched findings by voting to reject any and all bids received in response to the Town issued RFP. Even after the Town Board passed a resolution to exceed the State Tax Cap. From the very start of the discussion, you were stuck on no. A responsible and effective Elected Official should be undecided until after all of the facts are reviewed.

I would rather not leave what could well be a life or death decision to someone that has a clear and declared prejudice against this needed improvement.

Evan S. Eisenhandler, Poestenkill

Poestenkill Tax Increase April 1st?

At the February 18th Board meeting the Town Attorney stated that taxes could increase immediately on April 1st if the Ambulance Tax District is approved.

How will the new funds be spent? Trust the Town Board.

How much will taxes be increased on April 1st? Trust the Town Board. Estimates are for an increase of 15% to 65%.

Before authorizing unlimited spending and taxing voters should know what service improvements to expect, where in Poestenkill those improvements will be, and how much it will cost every taxpayer.

Owen Goldfarb, East Poestenkill

Poestenkill – Vote NO on the Blank Check Taxing District, Part 5

How good is our emergency response?


How do I know?

I saw it first hand.

In October of 2019 I was riding my bike down Plank Road. As I was approaching Blue Factory Road I saw a car on the wrong lane up against another car facing uphill. The downhill car was destroyed. Head on collision. Turned too late and smashed into essentially a parked car. Only moments before I arrived. Airbag saved one driver’s life.

I stopped to ask if they needed help. 911 had been called. Help was on the way.

Within seconds the Poestenkill First Responders started appearing one after the other like ghosts coming out of the mist. Except it was a bright sunny afternoon.

They started examining the drivers, directing traffic, cleaning up some of the debris. A few moments later the rescue truck appeared followed by Mohawk Ambulance. Then came a police car.

In less than ten minutes the scene went from 2 unfortunate drivers and one useless bike rider to a full blown emergency response situation.

I was so proud of my town, Poestenkill. All of these men and women were volunteers, serving their neighbors in need.

We have a good system – let’s not take chances and possibly destroy it.

Please vote no on the blank check ambulance district vote on March 30, 2021, from Noon – 8PM at the Sullivan-Jones VFW in Poestenkill.

Dave Hass, Councilman, Town of Poestenkill

Food Delivery Platforms Listing Without Permission

Third -party food delivery and ordering sites have increased in prevalence as a result of the pandemic. These organizations act as an aggregator and allow consumers to order food possibly from a single site. What many not know, is that many of these sites are doing this without formal agreements with the restaurants. These websites are “scraping” the website of the restaurants and showing the information on the food delivery site. The issue is that the restaurant may no longer offer the dish or even be open at the moment. As a result, the consumer thinks it is an issue with the restaurant. When in fact, the third-party may not have current information and may have no formal relationship with the restaurant. This can harm the reputation of the restaurant. I know that this is a growing problem. Recently, our local Assemblymember John McDonald III, cosponsored legislation to address this issue. The New York legislation is similar to a California law already enacted. The NYC Hospitality Alliance is very supportive of the legislation. I support local businesses. I support this legislation that protects our businesses. I look forward to NY legislature adopting this legislation.

Michael Myer, Wynantskill

One Small Ask

Good grief!

I just realized how much we all need to try harder to not be exposed to any of the new mutant strains of the TDS MSM-21 virus (Trump Derangement Syndrome Main Stream Media virus of 2021) and become another victim of the propaganda pandemic.

I was in the kitchen minding my own business when my wife was fully exposed to the latest TDS MSM-21 virus strain coming from the TV in the family room.

The viral super-spreader from the TV said that hate crime attacks on Chinese people in America have gone up because President Trump calls COVID-19 the “China virus”.

This is a very dangerous strain of the virus because the truth is that Chinese Americans are some of Trump’s biggest supporters. They were the most organized group of attendees at his January 6th rally in DC. They know what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is doing to our country and are very upset about it because it’s the reason they fled their homeland.

Thank goodness both of us are well beyond the most susceptible age range of 15-30 years old (I think I’m in trouble for pointing that out).

I have received regular doses of the Rush vaccine although my wife doesn’t have that same degree of immunity that I have. She might be an asymptomatic carrier and spread some of the virus without being aware.

I’ve tried to tell my wife that it’s “One Small Ask” to keep her distance from the super-spreaders but she’s a TDS MSM-21 denier and doesn’t believe she’s taking a chance when she watches TV.

For my part, when I have to be within six feet of a TV around dinnertime, I’ll cover my ears and wear a mask over my eyes. …but I have no doubt that it will be a lot more than two weeks to flatten the curve or stop the spread.

David Crawmer, Wynantskill

Poestenkill – Vote NO on the Blank Check Taxing District, Part 6

$2000+ per call instead of $0.

That’s what the blank check taxing district will cost you.

Will we get improved ambulance service? Don’t know.

Will we get faster response times? Don’t know.

Will we get better patient outcomes? Probably not.

Will we get an ambulance stationed in Poestenkill? No. Not even being considered.

We will be on the hook for $225,000 in the first year even though NO alternative service has been identified, NO negotiations have taken place, and NO decisions have been made about what we even want. We don’t even know how the $225,000 will be spent.

Is this madness?

Please vote no on the blank check ambulance district vote on March 30, 2021, from Noon – 8PM at the Sullivan-Jones VFW in Poestenkill.


1. $225,000 divided by about 100 ambulance calls per year is $2,250 per call. I rounded down to be conservative.

2. All services ALSO bill the patient. The service that gets the contract is going to make a killing.

3. Mohawk provides ALS and BLS ambulance service. Same as Sand Lake and North Greenbush.

4. Four years ago no ambulance service offered a guarantee that they would be faster than Mohawk.

5. You have about 6 minutes for cardiac arrest. It doesn’t matter if the ambulance arrives in 12 minutes or 14 minutes. Too late. The Golden Hour rule for trauma patients is: no statistical difference in patient outcomes as long as they get to the hospital within an hour.

Dave Hass, Councilman, Town of Poestenkill

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