Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor 02.10.22

Is it really about safety?

Nearly two years after the Covid pandemic began, we are still required to cover our children`s faces in school. Why is that? It`s because an unelected Governor says so. Governor Kathy Hochel put out a statement saying it is her duty to keep New Yorkers safe. If safety is actually your concern Governor, why do you turn a blind eye to the fact that there are airplane flights carrying hundreds of illegal migrants into New York airports and being bussed to unknown locations around New York State? We already knew that the Biden Administration was doing this because Governors from other states have already told us what was going on. We now have a 51 minute body cam video of a police sergeant questioning Federal workers at a Westchester airport. The workers driving the busses out of the airport said they don`t even know where they are going until they get their directions from the Federal Government. These immigrants are untested, unvaccinated, and unvetted. 1.7 million illegals have crossed the southern boarder since Biden took office. there is no way humanly possible to know who all of these people are. When press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter why there is no testing or vaccine requirements for the illegals coming in she replied “Because they`re not going to be here long”. Oh really? The Biden administration is flying these unchecked people all over the United States. Jen Psaki is being untruthful. I believe Governor Hochel is more concerned with power and maintaining the Left status quo than safety. I need a vaccine passport to do all kinds of things in New York state, but these people just come in with no requirements? What is your motive Governor?

Mark Maddalla, Averill Park

Rational response to CCCDW

In response to an inaccurate statement in the article “CCCDW Notes 1st Anniversary of PFOA Discovery at Algonquin Middle School,” wherein was stated “But a year later, the bottom line is that the community still does not know the source or how or if the contamination can be contained,” I would state as somebody who knows better and has lived in this town for over seventy years that the community outside of those who are members of this CCCDW group do know what the source of the PFOS contamination is in my well, and a well off Weatherwax, and have known for certain since October 6, 2021 when Waste Management put DEC, Poestenkill, and the RCHD on notice that there was a reading of 6.8 ppt of PFOS in the shallow well on the property on the high ground where the transfer station is located, above the 2.7 ppt for PFOS in raw water recently proposed by the DEC.

Why the CCCDW is ignorant of this quite frankly eludes us, as does the question of why they are looking for the source of the PFOS in Poestenkill at Interstate Laminates and DSI.

As to CCCDW writing to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to share its members’ frustration on the slow process in finding the source, as if the DEC would care, given that the DEC knows the source and is conducting a real bush-league cover-up to protect the source of the pollution, and itself from a charge of gross negligence, along with Poestenkill and the RCHD, while steering this CCCDW off into the weeds, why doesn’t the CCCDW instead serve a public purpose by filing a joint petition for a Declaratory Ruling from the DEC pursuant to § 204 of the State Administrative Procedures Act and 6 NYCRR § 619.1 as to your rights to potable water and a healthful environment pursuant to § 19 of Article I of the New York Constitution, §3 of Article XVII of the New York State Constitution, and § 4 of Article XIV of the New York State Constitution, the NYS Environmental Conservation Law, and the Public Health Law.

Paul Plante, Poestenkill 12018

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