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Letters To The Editor 01.07.21

Cuomo’s Summary of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Raises More Questions Than It Answers

In the above titled report from New York’s Empire Center, author Bill Hammond asks: “How confidently could (COVID) exposure sources be identified? Many if not most people who contract COVID-19 are uncertain how they came to be infected. They might also give misleading or incomplete answers to a contact tracer. This uncertainty should be gauged and disclosed – along with what efforts, if any, were made to verify the exposure sources through clinical testing.”

Good question. I have a few questions of my own:

What percentage of the “infected” people whose contacts were traced had symptoms, were hospitalized, had been taking prophylactics like Vitamin D, Zinc or hydroxychloroquine, were treated with ventilators or died.

Of those who “recovered” after testing positive, how many still tested positive for the active virus and how many subsequently tested positive for antibodies.

It has always been my belief that the questions I’ve asked are NOT being asked because the “authorities” already know the answers but those answers do not contribute to their fear-mongering narrative..

I know people who have tested positive for COVID, got sick, recovered and still tested positive for the active virus every time during the subsequent months.

We hear NOTHING about the results of antibody testing.

For those of you who believe everything that pro-lockdown-and-mask Democrat governors have been telling us, are you not even the least bit curious about the results of the antibody tests on previously infected people?

I know people who supposedly tested positive for the virus but subsequently tested negative for antibodies. The lack of news of antibody test results is very suspicious.

If people who previously tested positive for the virus subsequently test negative for antibodies, that would call in to question the reliability of the active virus tests.

If people are testing positive for antibodies, that would undermine the supposed need for the vaccine.

David Crawmer, North Greenbush

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