Dining 12.31.20

Glendora Vegetarian Club

The Glendora Vegetarian Club to Help the Animals will be on the 6:30 pm News the week of January 4th, Monday – Friday, on WRGB Channel 6. An interesting website about the humane treatment of farm animals is www.mercyforanimals.org. A New Year’s present to this organization would further their efforts for for saving these dear animals from torture, agony and brutalizations through investigations, government and public policy, corporate engagement, organizing and public engagement. Remember that nuts and legumes have much more protein than meat. Stop getting your protein secondhand. Go vegan!


1. The longest word in the English language is smiles. Between the first and last letter is a mile.

2. The eye doctor said to the Japanese man, “You have a cataract.” The man said, “No, I have a Rincoln.”

3. An old maid put an ad in a newspaper for a husband. She received 100 replies, and they all said the same thing: “You can have mine!”

4. What does Santa call his elves? Subordinate Clauses.

5. Teacher: If you put your hand in your left pocket and found $20 and put your other hand in your right pocket and found $20, what would you have?

Student: Somebody else’s pants.

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