Dining 11.26.20

Glendora Vegetarian Club


1. The girl said, “My boyfriend and I have a strange and wonderful relationship. He’s strange and I’m wonderful.”

2. There was a collision of 2 cars. A 3rd car pulled up. A man got out and said, “I saw the whole thing happen; I’m a lawyer; I’ll take either side.”

3. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was invited to speak at the national association of undertakers. The undertaker who was asked to affix a carnation to his lapel was unusually short in height. She jabbed him 3 times; she pricked herself several times. Then she said, “You know, I could do this a whole lot better if you were lying down!”

East Schodack Fire Company Pizza Night

EAST SCHODACK –  Please join us for our monthly Drive-Thru Only Pizza Night Saturday, December 5th. Menu includes: Fresh made pizza –Cheese (red or white) $9, extra toppings $1 each. “The works”- $14 , chicken wings- 10 for $9, mozzarella sticks- six for $3. This month we are adding salad as a takeout item for $3 each. Pick up times begin at 4:00, Call 518- 479-3366 after 2:00pm to place an order. Sorry, Santa will not be available for his annual meet and greet this year. Trying to keep everyone safe for the holidays.

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